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Automating Applicant Communication to Fill Roles Fast

Meet Jerry Elliot, Division Manager at di Stefano Landscaping


As Division Manager, Jerry oversees financials, all hiring, all snow operations, and the production teams and their managers. He started at di Stefano Landscaping as Crew Foreman in 2019, then advanced to Production Manager and now Division Manager, which is a new role in their organization.

Previously, as production manager, Jerry was doing a lot of the same things he’s doing right now, but he was also managing teams out in the field. They weren’t having much luck hiring, and he was feeling stretched thin with all his duties both in the field and in the office, so they created the new role.


Jerry says the new role has been a transition for him, as he’s used to more hands-on work, but he enjoys seeing the company from a different perspective and taking on a greater role in the company’s growth.

THE PROBLEM: A Messy, Tedious Hiring Process


Their old hiring process mostly consisted of using Indeed and Craigslist to post production jobs, while they’d post on Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter for higher-level positions.

Keeping track of what job was posted where (and remembering to log in to each job board to check for new applicants) was a nightmare.


Once a position was filled, they had to go take down all the job postings on all the platforms.

Manually checking for new applicants, screening them, and communicating with them was messy and tedious, taking up tons of Jerry’s time. 

Even worse, they were losing good candidates because they weren’t getting back to them fast enough. They consistently found that candidates had already accepted jobs elsewhere if they took more than a day to get in touch with them.

THE SOLUTION: Automated Applicant Communication

di Stefano Landscaping advertises open jobs on social media

Now, when one of Jerry’s Production Managers alerts him that they have a new need for personnel, Jerry just flips a switch in Team Engine to start promoting the opening on all the major career sites. They can also launch Facebook and Craigslist ads right from their Team Engine dashboard in a matter of a few clicks.

Pre-screening tools and automated messages for redundant things (like reaching out to new applicants) make it a breeze for Jerry to take action on next steps right away. For the steps that can’t be automated, Team Engine prompts Jerry to take action, making sure candidates are always moving forward and never hung up in the pipeline.

Once a position is filled, Jerry just flips the switch again and Team Engine takes the posting down from all the career sites.


THE IMPACT: Fast Hires Lead to Good, Long-Term Hires

Happy landscaping employees at di stefano landscaping

Jerry loves that it’s really fast and easy to start or stop hiring for a position now - just turn it on in Team Engine & have it posting (or not posting) everywhere.

The consolidation of job posting platforms, paired with automated communication tools, means Jerry and his team are taking action on new applicants right away, which has led to more hires.

"We've really seen an influx of people who are good-minded, willing to work and learn new things, with a great attitude coming in," Jerry said. "And with Team engine, we've been able to jump on them really fast and get them on board. This is the first time since I've been here that we are fully staffed going into spring.”

Reducing the amount of time Jerry spends on recruiting and hiring has freed him up to spend more time coaching his direct reports, so they can in turn become better leaders for their teams. It’s an essential part of the di Stefano culture, which Jerry said is what allows them to hire for potential, not experience.

This is the first time in the five years I've been here that we are fully staffed going into our busy season.

Jerry Elliot

Division Manager, Di Stefano Landscaping



The key to success in today's competitive hiring landscape is speed.

Just like Jerry and his managers learned, when you respond to new applicants with urgency, you dramatically increase the chances of getting them in the door at your organization.

With Team Engine's suite of hiring automation tools, we'll take care of the tedious, repetitive parts of the hiring process, such as:

  • application screening
  • applicant responsiveness
  • interview scheduling
  • interview reminders

Get your jobs in front of more people, automatically engage new applicants and communicate with them all in one place with Team Engine.

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