Applicant Engagement Platform

Stop playing phone tag. Team Engine's Applicant Engagement Platform lets you easily send text messages, emails, and make phone calls all from one place - and without having to use your personal phone.


A ____, ____ Recruiting Inbox

For every applicant, Team Engine's Intelligent Hiring Assistant automatically assesses potential issues - long commute times, high pay expectations, missing licenses or experiences, and more - and then asks applicants follow-up questions by text and email. By the time you review applicants, you'll have responses from applicants and all the information you need - without having to play phone tag.  It's like an assistant working for you 24/7 doing the grunt work. 

Intelligent Hiring Assistant

Text messages

For every job, Team Engine's Smart Filters automatically analyzes all applicants to remove those who aren't good fits - not just based on experience and relevant licenses and what's on their resume, but on whether they're responsive via email and text, whether their commute is under a certain amount of time, their salary expectations are within range, and beyond. 

Screen applicants automatically

Applicant Management

Once you've found applicants you're interested in, Team Engine's  Automated Hiring Assistant will send personalized texts and emails to applicants at each stage of the hiring process. These messages will look and feel like a message you'd send manually and be completely customized - but you don't have to send them from your personal phone or email.  

Texting automation
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