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Team Engine is a team management software platform that helps blue-collar companies develop great teams of employees through a suite of intelligent communication, hiring, and management tools.

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Your business is keeping America running. We're here to help you keep your teams informed no matter where they are with free access to our employee messaging platform for 30 days.

Team Engine has increased our flow of qualified and engaged applicants by 5x and streamlines my team's hiring.

Trevor Forbes

Trevor Forbes

President, Wyatt’s Towing

Text with applicants

An All-in-One Messaging Platform for Texts, Emails, and Phone Calls...

Team Engine is a complete messaging platform that lets your team run all of your recruiting from one place. No need for texting with your personal cell phones, jumping back and forth to email accounts, spending hours leaving voicemails or entering data in cumbersome Applicant Tracking Systems. Team Engine is a comprehensive software platform that makes hiring easy, quick and effective.

Intelligent Hiring Assistant

...With an Intelligent Hiring Assistant to Pre-Screen Applicants

Beyond messages you send manually, Team Engine will automatically begin conversations with applicants to learn more about them based on our analysis of the application.  Are they missing key licenses? Do they have a particularly long commute?  Do they currently have a similar job?  

Team Engine begins the conversation so you can just focus on the best people who are qualified and responsive.

targeted job ads on facebook

... and a Smart Sourcing Engine that Runs Targeted Local Ads

Team Engine gives you the tools to make sure your job gets in front of the best possible applicants. Our software dynamically builds ads based on thousands of similar hires, then runs targeted online ads in the immediate vicinity of your location just focused on the people who are good fits. We'll also post your job to numerous job boards and search engines, and you even have tools to automate your employee referrals.   

Stop collecting resumes. Start making hires.


Needles not haystacks.

Other solutions blast your ad across free job sites, filling your inbox with unqualified and uninterested candidates. Team Engine puts your ad in front of the right audience to convert applicants into hires.

People not resumes.

There's a big difference between a resume in your inbox and a candidate in your office. While other solutions send you resumes, Team Engine pre-screens applicants so you talk to the best applicants who are already responsive. 

It’s nice to figure out which candidates are actually responsive and don’t just click and apply. Team Engine lets me focus on the applicants who are actually engaged.

Meaghan Sands

HR, Alliance Beverage

We connect great companies with the best hourly candidates across a variety of industries.







Home care

Home Care

Distribution and logistics

Distribution & Logistics

Staffing / RPO's

Staffing / RPO's




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