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We can help you grow your manufacturing workforce.

Hire with efficiency and engage workers to keep your operation running at full capacity.

hiring automation and employee communication software for the manufacturing industry
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automated manufacturing job ads on social media in one click with Team Engine

Candidate Sourcing for Manufacturers

Increase applicant volume at all skill levels with automated candidate sourcing.

Recruit and track applicants from both active and passive audiences

Promote your job on new channels and sources

Get more employee referrals

Decrease reliance on expensive temporary labor

Hiring Automation for Manufacturing Associates

Stay on top of communication with applicants by automating the hiring process.

Respond to new applicants first, before your competition

Assess responsiveness & engage candidates via text message, without using your personal number or device

Reduce interview no-shows

Distribute jobs to all major career sites with one click

Hiring automation for manufacturing companies
an employee communication platform fir field teams - scheduled text message announcements and reminders for field teams

Employee Communication Platform

Build an engaged workforce with communication software designed for manufacturing teams who don't work at a desk.

Send timely information about safety training, machinery maintenance, company-wide meetings, weather closures, and more

Automatically remind employees about performance reviews & benefits deadlines

Gauge employee satisfaction and promote internal growth through text message surveys

Answer PTO and payroll inquiries

Celebrate every employee’s birthday and work anniversaries, without having to remember

Our favorite part of Team Engine has been the ability to text with our deskless employees. Being in a manufacturing environment, getting in front of our employees on the shop floor was difficult. Team Engine's text, automation, and survey features have solved our onboarding and engagement issues, which has reduced turnover and increased visibility.
Ryan Campbell
Training Development Manager, O'Neal Steel

What Our Customers Say About Us

Team Engine changed the way we communicate. The biggest benefit is automatically text messaging candidates about their interview times; we see more showing up on time and it has improved the way we recruit. I also like that we can text employees upcoming reminders.
Terrie Melanson
HR Generalist, Critical Systems, Inc.
I’ve used other internal team texting software and Team Engine is better because it gives you the user-friendly ability to send automated messages based on hire date, employee surveys, and announcements. It’s very easy just to set all that up in the system and then not have to worry about remembering to send those reminders.
Brittani Assise
HR Generalist, Suncup Juice
The automated messages help us reach applicants quickly, and the auto-reminders for interviews are a savior. If someone can’t make the interview, we actually hear a reason why and can reschedule instead of wondering what happened.
Sharon Boatwright
HR Director, Ridge Cororation
Because Team Engine contacts people through text first and email second, it facilitates faster turnaround with the younger generation of worker. This aids in interoffice communication with HR, Safety and other departments.
BJ Taylor
Quality Manager, Southern Valve Service

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Most hiring and recruiting software isn’t made specifically for a deskless, blue-collar workforce, but ours is. That’s why we’re confident you’ll love our suite of automated hiring and communication tools to grow and retain your landscaping and snow removal crews. Sign up for no-cost access to our entire HR automation platform for a full wek, complete with all features and support from our team every step of the way.

What you'll get:

Job listings on top job boards

Promote your job Automated applicant screening and messagingon more channels with less work

Integrated interview scheduling

Employee texting, surveys, announcements, and 1:1 messaging

Employee referral portal

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