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Employee Referrals: An Untapped Source of Highly Qualified Talent

Send automated text messages to current employees to remind them about your referral program. Make it easy for them to submit referrals by typing in just a name and number. Automatically reach out to referred candidates and invite them to apply. Simplify the entire process with Team Engine's employee referral software.

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Improve the Candidate & Employee Experience

Job applicants that are referred by your existing employees are more likely to turn into long-term hires due to great culture fit. They're usually great employees in general, often already employed elsewhere but passively looking for new opportunities. Your current employees are one of the best ways to find these high quality candidates.

Employee referral programs not only fill job openings with the best talent on the market, they boost employee engagement and morale too, because who doesn’t love working with their friends?

Upgrade Your Referral Process

Quick communication and fast selection have a big impact on the candidate experience, so Team Engine's employee referral software utilizes text message automation to reach out to referred candidates and invite them to apply the moment your current employee submits their information, and then lets our hiring automation take it from there.

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Track Referred Candidates

Still tracking referred candidates on spreadsheets? Missing payout dates for referring employees? Let Team Engine’s referral tool keep it all organized, so you can focus on engaging applicants and employees instead.

Team Engine keeps track of:

Who referred whom, for which job

The date the referred employee applied

The date the referred employee was hired

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Streamline Your Employee Referral Program

Start using Team Engine to build and manage successful employee referral programs that help you hire the right talent in less time.

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What you'll get:

Job listings on top job boards

Employee referral portal

AI-powered, keyword-rich sourcing for each job listing

Automated application screening to pick best-fit talent

Texting & emailing with applicants and employees

Language translation for incoming and outgoing messages

Group announcements for your entire staff, or a segment of staff

Full support from our customer success team

Team Engine Feature

Employee Referral Software

Employee referrals are one of the most important parts of a recruiting strategy. An employee referral program is a structured way of asking existing employees to refer friends and family for open positions. Employee referral platforms are effective at helping you hire the best talent because who knows better than your own employees who would make a good fit?

If you already have top talent that loves to work at your company, that’s half the battle. Team Engine makes it effortless for them to connect you with job seekers they know. It even initiates the application process with referred candidates for you. Best of all, your employee engagement, morale and retention will all improve as your workforce grows with the friends and family of your best employees.

FAQs About Employee Referral Software

What is employee referral software?

Employee referral software it is a system that allows existing employees to refer their acquaintances whom they deem as competent and suitable for a job within their company. Organizations often adopt employee referral software to augment their talent acquisition strategy, given the extended reach and the pre-vetting these referrals typically have.

Typically, when an employee provides a referral, the software captures the information, evaluates the relevance based on the pre-determined job profile, and communicates possible matches to the HR personnel responsible for recruitment.

Furthermore, employee referral software also imbues a sense of gamification within the organization, bolstering engagement and participation rates. Through leaderboards, reward systems, and real-time tracking, this software possesses inherent motivational elements, sparking a sense of competition among employees to refer high caliber co-workers. Built-in analytics also provide insight into the efficacy of the referral program, tracking metrics such as conversion rates, time-to-hire, and quality of hire.

The underlying value of utilizing employee referral software is its potential for cost efficiency and speed in the recruitment process. By relying on internal resources for referrals, a business can significantly minimize expensive third-party recruitment firms and job advertising costs. Additionally, since referred candidates are generally pre-screened to some degree by the referring employees, the hiring timeline can be substantially reduced, and the referral is likely to turn into a long-term hire.

How do I create an employee referral program?

Employee referral programs typically offer rewards to employees who refer successful candidates such as cash bonuses, extra vacation days, or other benefits. These programs also tend to have clear guidelines and expectations, ensuring that employees understand the types of candidates the company is looking for and the process for referring these candidates.

An effective employee referral program usually includes an introduction or overview of the program, guidelines on who can participate, success metrics for measuring referral effectiveness, types of awards or incentives, terms and conditions, along with a specific method for referring potential candidates.

What is a good employee referral program?

While subject to the nature and requirements of each organization, certain aspects of an employee referral program are universally applicable.

Key aspects of a well-devised program include clear communication of the initiative itself and the expectations out of it, attractive incentives and rewards for successful referrals. An effective employee referral program also encourages and incentivizes employees to actively participate in the recruitment process. Such rewards, being either monetary or non-monetary, are strategic motivators that prompt employees to actively look out for potential recruits in their networks. Lastly, recognizing the effort and contribution of employees is paramount. By engaging employees in the recruiting process and acknowledging their successful referrals, companies cultivate a sense of belongingness and community, thereby indirectly contributing to enhancing overall employee morale.

What is the right employee referral bonus amount?

Setting the right employee referral bonus amount largely depends on several factors including the role's complexity, the industry, company size, geographical location, and company budget. However, generally, companies tend to offer between $500 to $2000 per successful referral. These numbers can serve as a guide, but it is crucial for each company to determine what amount will serve as a sufficient motivation for their employees while still balancing financial constraints.

In positions that require a high level of technical expertise or special skills, the bonus amount is generally higher. This is because the pool of skilled candidates is smaller and therefore, finding suitable talent through traditional channels could be more challenging. On similar lines, in industries with a high demand for talent and low supply, companies may offer higher referral bonus amounts to stay competitive.

The geographical location is also relevant as the cost of living in different areas may influence the bonus amount. For instance, companies based in areas with a higher standard of living might need to offer more significant bonuses to attract referrals. Similarly, the size of the company plays a role, with large corporations likely to offer higher referral bonuses, given their larger budgets.

Employee referral program best practices

The best practices for an employee referral program begin with a clearly devised plan, efficient operation, and the inclusion of attractive incentives. Communication of the program's details and purpose is critical for its success. Staff members should be regularly updated about job vacancies, the desired profiles, and the benefits that come with attracting capable prospective employees to the organization. Incentives can vary widely among organizations but common offerings include cash bonuses, extended vacations, and other non-monetary rewards.

Employee referral software offers a systematic method of managing the referral process. Efficiency is its key advantage, ensuring timely handling of referrals, effective matching of candidates to job requirements, and extensive tracking of referral sources, payouts and statistics. An employee referral platform reinforces the transparency of the process, motivating employees to participate actively.

Employee referral software with text message automation ensures a swift response time to referred candidates, which can have a significant impact on the overall success of an employee referral program. Being quick and methodical in following up on referrals not only respects the time and effort of the referrers but also maintains the motivation and interest of potential candidates. Lastly, measuring the success of the program through regular audits and feedback mechanisms is fundamental to continuous improvement and maintaining high engagement levels in the program.