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What Happened to Facebook Jobs?
Hiring & Recruiting Ad Examples: Manufacturing
How Does Indeed Work for Employers?
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How to Plan Team Building Activities for Blue-Collar Workers
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Best Methods for Reducing Cost-Per-Hire In Blue-Collar Industries
9 Best Manufacturing Job Boards for Finding Top Talent
The Solution to Effective Communication with Your Snow Crew
Checklist for Hiring Landscaping Employees: A Year-Round Approach to Seasonal Hiring
Mastering Labor Efficiency and Capacity Planning
How to Use Employee Appreciation Text Messages to Boost Morale
The Candidate Experience: Why It Matters & How to Improve It

Blog Authors

Ed Hallen
Carlos del Pozo
Danielle Riha
Dara Dolinsky
Tito Caceres
Desiree Grosman
Neal Glatt
Jeffrey Scott
Cullen Talley
Steffan Busch
Phil Harwood
Steve Steele
Linda Ratner
Randy Goruk


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Product Releases

In Case You Missed It: New Features Added to Team Engine in 2023
Putting All Your Hiring Eggs in the Indeed Basket
When & How to Leverage Social Media and Craigslist Ads
HRIS & Payroll Integration Now Available to All Customers

Case Studies

Landscapes by Terra (landscaping)
Landeisgn (landscaping)
Intek Cleaning & Restoration (cleaning)
O'Neal Steel (manufacturing)
Mazza Recycling (waste)
Stonehenge Utah (healthcare)
Martin Bros (distribution)


Landscaping Job Description Templates
Snow & Ice Management Job Description Templates
Construction Job Description Templates
Manufacturing Job Description Templates
Distribution Job Description Templates
Templates for Manager Notes on Employees

Seasonal Hiring Checklist
How to Write Company Mission, Vision & Values Statements [worksheet]
Candidate Sourcing Checklist
Construction Daily Huddle Checklist
Navigating the New Hiring Landscape for the Green Industry [infographic]
Examples of Now Hiring ads on Facebook and Instagram

Blue-Collar Guide to Hiring Top Talent
Blue-Collar Guide to Attracting Top Talent
113 Creative Ways to Find New Employees for Blue-Collar Businesses

Webinars On-Demand
Are you Ready to Exit Your Business
How to Build a Strategic Plan... and Stick to It!
Coaching Skills for Managers
Thriving with Untapped Talent Pools
Hiring Strategies for Sustainable Growth
The Cost of Rushed Hiring Decisions
How to Write KILLER Job Ads That Get A Response
Recession Readiness for the Green Industry: Proactively Preparing Your Business
The ULTIMATE Recipe for Optimizing Your Careers Page
Hiring & Retention Tips for the Green Industry
How Proper Training Empowers Field Leaders
The Landscaper's Guide to Fixing the Labor Problem
Solving the Snow Season Labor Issue
A Leader's Guide to Employee Retention Success


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