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Tools for Hiring Landscape Employees & Snow Removal Crews

Hire more people faster with new candidate sources & resume screening software.

Advertise your jobs to employed workers who aren’t actively job searching

Promote your job on more channels with less work

Get more employee referrals

Spend less time reviewing resumes by auto-screening for missing work history, long commutes, non-responsiveness, or a track record of job-hopping

Hiring Automation for Landscapers

Stay on top of communication with applicants by automating the hiring process.

Respond to new applicants first, before your competition

Assess responsiveness & engage candidates via text message, without using your personal number or device

Reduce interview no-shows

Distribute jobs to all major career sites with one click

Hiring automation for landscaping companies
an employee communication platform fir field teams - scheduled text message announcements and reminders for field teams

Employee Communication Platform for Field Teams

Build an engaged workforce with communication software designed for distributed teams who work in the field.

Text field crews timely information about traffic jams, weather-related closures, holiday announcements and more

Remind staff to submit photos of job sites, receipts for reimbursement and more

Celebrate every employee’s birthday and work anniversaries, without having to remember

Enhance company culture & allow employees to contribute through text message surveys

Communicate with blue-collar workers in a way that’s natural and easy for them

Team Engine allowed our small business to be more proactive in sourcing applicants. Evaluating the applicants and interacting with them was easy and quick. As a result, we were fully staffed at the start of our season with the most talented team in history.
Toni Kennedy
Assistant Operations Manager, Shades of Green

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Toni Kennedy - Shades of Green
After using Team Engine, we had more applicants than ever before. Interacting with them was fast and easy. We started our peak season fully staffed with highly qualified talent. After they were hired, using Team Engine to communicate with our Spanish and English-speaking staff was highly effective.
Toni Kennedy
Shades of Green Nursery & Landscape
Lara Beckemeier - landesign customer testimonial
Communicating with our employees is one of our most-loved features. It’s a payroll lifeline for myself my counterpart who does our field side payroll. It’s amazing to have that tool where they can send out announcements, reminders, celebrations. They can text in photos of their receipts. It’s just awesome.
Lara Beckemeier
Vice President of HR & Administration, landesign
Team Engine has been easy to work with. If the assigned account manager is out, someone else steps right in to help. The "Chat" feature is nice when a quick answer is needed, and there is always a follow-up from our account manager.
Joseph Stevens
Safety Manager, Empire Landscape
Craig Hanson, Branch Manager, JC Grounds Management
Team Engine is a one stop shop for both advertising and responding to applicants. It's been a real time saver; I wish we had this tool available years ago!
Craig Hanson
Branch Manager, JC Grounds Management

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FAQs About Landscaping Software & Hiring Landscapers

What kind of landscaping software is available on the market?

Landscaping software typically includes a multitude of features such as 3D rendering, plant databases, job costing and project management. These features are usually accessible via a single, easily navigable interface.

For example, Aspire stands as an excellent representative of commercial landscaping software. Aspire's comprehensive suite of tools offer clients precise control over every aspect of business and project management. From opportunity management and estimating to purchasing and mobile time, this platform is designed to handle all aspects of a landscaping business, driving high-speed growth and productivity.

With Inova, landscaping companies can streamline their human resources processes, from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and payroll. This software is designed to handle the unique challenges of landscaping businesses, offering features such as crew management, job site tracking, and compliance management. By integrating with other business systems, Inova ensures seamless operations, helping landscaping companies improve efficiency, reduce administrative burdens, and focus more on delivering quality services to their clients. Whether managing a small team or a large workforce, Inova provides the tools needed to optimize HR functions and drive business growth.

Another robust solution in this domain is Kickserv. Known as an efficient management tool, Kickserv offers versatile applications like job scheduling, customer management, and billing. Their user-friendly dashboard unites all functions into a single interface, facilitating quick and informed decisions.

PRO Landscape seeks to capitalize on visualization, offering users an extensive plant database to craft their designs. This residential landscaping software lets users choose from over 14,000 high-quality images, thereby enabling designs that truly and authentically reflect a project's potential.

ServiceTitan also represents a powerful and sophisticated solution, offering an all-in-one software that caters to all forms of service businesses, including landscaping. Renowned for its scalability, this platform is as suited for a small business as it is for a large, multi-service operation.

On the contrary, SingleOps presents itself as a versatile option, blurring the lines between commercial and residential landscaping software, and offering a suite of services which include proposal generation, scheduling, purchasing, and accounting service amongst others. By streamlining operations with a singular platform, SingleOps allows landscaping businesses to function optimally and efficiently.

In addition, Team Engine focuses on centralizing workforce communication, streamlining all aspects of human resource management including hiring, training, and onboarding. This comprehensive HR software for landscapers is an exceptional asset for businesses aiming for a seamless, productive and communicative work environment.

Designed specifically for the construction and outdoor industry, BusyBusy is a digital timesheet and time tracking solution. This tool aids landscaping companies by tracking and recording the time spent on each project, ensuring profitability and efficiency.

Boss serves the landscape and lawn care industry with a comprehensive landscape management software solution. Their offerings include job costing, customer relationship management (CRM), scheduling and human resources, all aimed at revenue growth and enhancing operational effectiveness.

CompanyCam is a unique software tool specifically designed for project documentation. Known for its photo-based approach, CompanyCam initiates real-time updates, allowing teams to share, annotate, and store project photos effortlessly, adding a layer of transparency and simplified documentation to any landscaping project.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but provides a glimpse into the wide array of landscaping software available on the market, depending on your company size, goals and needs.

How do you find landscape employees?

Employee referrals serve as an effective means of recruitment. It is a method rooted in trust, where existing employees refer candidates they deem suitable for the landscaping role. This word of mouth, internal recruitment strategy not only saves time but also expedites the hiring process. Renowned landscaping companies often incentivize their employees to bring forth potential candidates from their professional or personal network, thereby broadening the talent base of potential hires. With this method, you can ensure that your landscape employees are recruited from a pool of applicants who are vouched for their skills and expertise by your own trusted staff.

The digital age has also provided an array of online platforms for recruiting landscape employees. Social media recruiting is a tech-savvy strategy that optimizes social networking sites to advertise job openings, enabling potential candidates to discover and apply for such jobs with convenience. LinkedIn is potent recruitment platform for upper management positions, enabling landscaping firms to showcase their company culture, job offers, and prospects to a wider, digitally active audience. Leveraging the omnipresent nature of social media as a vehicle for recruitment, allows landscape companies to dive deeper into the talent pool and secure professionals who are abreast of current landscaping trends and technologies.

Traditional recruiting methods, referred to as offline recruiting, also hold a significant place in hiring landscape employees. These techniques include walk-ins, recruitment fairs, newspaper ads, and partnerships with trade schools which can be viable options to reach potential employees who may not have an extensive online presence, or prefer traditional methods of job hunting. Although they might appear time-consuming, these methods provide an opportunity to establish a personal connection, discerning the suitability of a candidate beyond their on-paper qualifications.

Incorporating these strategies - employee referrals, social media recruiting, and offline recruiting - in your landscape company's hiring process will give you a balanced approach in uncovering potential candidates across various platforms. Each method delivers unique advantages, enabling your company to scout, interview, and hire landscape employees who are qualified, experienced, and in sync with your company's objectives.

Where do you find lawn care employees?

One good starting point is popular job boards. Websites like Indeed, Craigslist and ZipRecruiter offer wide exposure and attract landscaping candidates of varying skill levels. Candidates can either be sought out by description or experience and proposals, much like a marketplace for hiring lawn care employees.

Likewise, niche job boards related to the industry might provide an even more precise pool of potential candidates. Landscaping-specific websites (such as, or offer a specialized database of job seekers, linking employers directly to people interested in the sector. This approach minimizes the need to sift through candidates from irrelevant fields.

For hiring landscaping employees with no experience, workforce and vocational centers might be valuable resources, too. Such organizations often provide training programs and job placement services for individuals looking to venture into new industries. Offering entry-level roles to these candidates can potentially bring in new blood to the landscape business, marrying enthusiasm with the opportunity to learn on-the-job.

Considering community colleges or vocational schools can also be valuable, as students studying relevant fields such as horticulture or environmental science may be seeking part-time or summer work with flexible schedules. Career fairs at these institutions present excellent opportunities to meet potential employees face-to-face.

Moreover, for digital know-how and remote working capacity, leading platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer could be useful to hire lawn care employees online. These platforms host a wide variety of individuals offering services ranging from design to project management, which could be of significant use in landscape businesses.

Local publications and posting ads in newspapers may seem old-school but they can be quite effective. Many job seekers still frequently peruse newspapers, especially in rural areas. A well-placed ad might attract landscaping veterans or individuals willing to switch careers.

Referral programs are another way on how to find lawn care employees. Encouraging existing employees to refer potential candidates from their networks (for a reward, if necessary) can bring in trustworthy and reliable individuals, given they are pre-vetted by current employees.

Social platforms, particularly LinkedIn, offer an exciting avenue to reach out to potential candidates. Creating a company page, sharing job vacancies, and using the platform's job hunting features can be a great way to attract potential applicants.

Similarly, other social media networks like Facebook or Instagram shouldn't be overlooked. Creating dedicated hiring posts and encouraging followers to share them can create a rapid, expansive reach with minimal effort. For industries like landscaping, where visual portfolios of work can be stunningly showcased, social media offers a unique advantage.

Networking within industry associations or at industry events provides an excellent opportunity to meet potential candidates. Many industry organizations and trade shows have job boards or networking events specifically designed to connect employers with job seekers.

Lastly, partnering with employment agencies or hiring consultants specialized in the landscaping industry could be a viable option. Agencies have resources and expertise in matching job profiles with the ideal candidates.

How do you hire lawn care employees?

Managing a landscape business involves a myriad of challenges. However, one of the most significant tasks involves hiring lawn care employees with a commitment to unrivaled service, dedication to job responsibilities, and an in-depth understanding of the industry's unique demands. The pathway to success begins with defining the roles, expectations, and requirements of the job, followed by strategizing and executing on an effective recruitment process, from job posting to interviewing and eventually employing the most suited candidates.

Nonetheless, as with many other businesses in the digital age, leveraging innovative techniques and tools can simplify, optimize, and streamline this process. Incorporating text message communication into your recruitment strategy, for example, can accelerate response times, eliminate back-and-forths, and enhance engagement with potential employees. This medium is fast becoming popular due to its ability to keep the conversation flowing seamlessly, while also offering an informal tone, particularly for the younger generation. In addition, with text messages, information can be transmitted swiftly and efficiently—the needed convenience in the high-paced world of the landscaping business.

Another critical tool to enhance your hiring process is software for hiring lawn care employees. Team Engine, as an example, helps recruit both active and passive applicants, can instantly translate communications into another language, automatically engages new applicants, and allows users to communicate with all job applicants from all sources in one place. Team Engine's text-first platform also helps retain employees by improving company culture and communication with effective, timely communication between frontline workers, their managers, and employee support teams.

How do you keep landscaping employees from leaving?

A well-structured onboarding program that provides complete training about the tasks can be instrumental in helping new hires acclimate to their roles. Landscaping is physically demanding work, and a thorough introduction to the safety measures and techniques can reduce the risk of injuries in the workforce, thus contributing to better employee satisfaction and commitment.

Communication plays a significant role in retaining landscaping employees. Regular feedback and recognition can make the employees feel valued, thereby increasing their sense of job satisfaction. It's also important to create an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their concerns and suggestions. The use of an 'open door' policy encourages dialogue and can mitigate potential issues before they escalate.

Remuneration and benefits are undeniably significant factors contributing to job satisfaction. Ensuring competitive wages and benefits is a key strategy in how to keep landscaping employees from leaving. Offering additional perks, like flexible scheduling and healthcare benefits, can also make the organization more attractive to potential and current employees.

Career development opportunities and pathways for advancement are crucial for retaining staff. By providing clear career progression routes and investing in employee development programs, companies can instill a sense of long-term growth and security in their employees. Additionally, providing opportunities for employees to acquire new skills through training programs will enhance their job satisfaction and loyalty.