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hiring automation and employee communication software for the construction industry
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automated construction job ads on social media in one click with Team Engine

Find qualified, skilled workers by getting in front of more people.

Fill the applicant pool from a variety of sources including job boards, your website, social media, walk-ins, and text-to-apply signage

Attract people to your company, even those who aren’t actively looking for a construction job

Maximize employee referrals using automations that send text message reminders to staff and track who referred whom

Hire quickly & efficiently with text message hiring automation.

Stay on top of communication with applicants by automating the hiring process.

Beat your competition to the best candidates by responding to them first, before other contractors

Assess responsiveness & engage candidates via text message, without using your personal number or device

Only spend time looking at qualified resumes with the right type of construction experience

Automatically filter out unresponsive candidates

hiring automation for construction companies and contractors
an employee communication platform fir field teams - scheduled text message announcements and reminders for field teams

Keep work crews informed using text messaging for internal communications.

Build an engaged workforce with communication software designed for distributed teams who work in the field.

Send timely information to field teams about traffic jams, weather announcements, safety training, etc. via text messages

Gather shirt sizes, company picnic RSVPs, and more with text message surveys for employees

Empower employees to stay informed with an HR text message hotline that's always on

Since the bulk of our team work on jobsites throughout the state, communication can be lacking because we're not always able to see our teams face to face. Team Engine has significantly improved engagement and communication between HR and our crews.
Kathryn Quintana
HR Generalist, Chinchor Electric

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Team Engine has helped us automate so much of our employee communications, and those time savings alone pay for the software. It’s a service that is so needed in the HR world, and people don’t even realize they need it until they see it.
Susie Olivarez
HR Director, Ritsema Associates
As a recruiter, I appreciate having all applicants' information and resumes in one location. It also helps me see which applicants are coming from various employment apps (e.g. Indeed, Career Builder, etc.).
Beatriz Roach
Recruiter, CL Support Services
I would highly recommend Team Engine. Their team is very responsive and supportive. Always willing to help answer questions and address any issues, and we have also gotten very good results using the software.
Ronnie Broach
VP of Recruiting, Elevated Staffing Support
I like that I can text applicants and have one-on-one communication, but do it in a personalized way, even when it’s automated.
Krissia Castellon
Recruiting Coordinator, CL Support Services

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Integrated interview scheduling

Employee texting, surveys, announcements, and 1:1 messaging

Employee referral portal

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FAQs About Landscaping Software & Hiring Landscapers

What is HR in construction?

The role of HR in a construction company revolves around managing, guiding and developing the company's most integral asset—its human capital. The construction industry is often characterized by its diverse workforce, extensive project scopes, and intricate on-site operations. Such versatile and unpredictable nature of the industry makes it even more crucial to have a robust HR department effectively carrying out its functions.

In particular, the role of HR within a construction company entails various crucial components, spanning across recruitment, training, performance appraisal, and conflict resolution to safety and legal compliance. The responsibility to attract, hire, and retain skilled labor such as engineers, architects, project managers, site supervisors and many other professionals falls within the purview of HR. Given the physical, sometimes hazardous, nature of work within this industry, the importance of safety and legal compliance cannot be understated. HR takes the lead in ensuring safe working conditions, employee wellbeing, as well as adhering to labor laws and safety regulations.

Furthermore, the HR in construction also takes up the task of employee development and performance management. This includes designing and implementing training programs, fostering a culture of continuous learning, monitoring performance, recognizing talent and subsequently encouraging improvement where necessary. These aspects directly contribute to the quality of work produced, client satisfaction, and the overall success of the company.

Another fundamental aspect of HR in construction is managing labor relations and resolving conflicts that may arise on-site. Given the diverse nature of the construction workforce, maintaining harmonious relationships amongst all employees is crucial. HR undertakes initiatives that promote teamwork, inclusivity, and mutual respect, solving any disputes that could potentially impact the project's progress.

What HR software is used by construction companies?

Construction HR software is a specialized type of HR software uniquely designed to handle the demands of the construction industry, such as managing large teams, tackling regulatory compliance, and dealing with variable pay rates and unique work hours which are common in construction work. The following construction HR software platforms effectively handle various human resource functions, ranging from recruitment and hiring to payroll, benefits, and time management.

Bamboo HR is a cloud-based HR software designed to provide a comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized businesses, including construction firms. This software offers a wide range of HR functionalities. It serves as an integrated platform that combines recruitment, selection, performance management, and employee data analytics into one system. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting capabilities make it a popular choice among construction companies. Moreover, Bamboo HR's ability to manage time-off requests, questionnaires, and workflow approvals also contributes to efficient management.

In contrast, Arcoro HR (formerly birddog HR) caters more to businesses with a larger workforce. This HR software provides a modular management solution that includes core HR processes such as talent management, payroll and benefits information, and time and attendance tracking. What sets Arcoro HR apart is its unique feature of customizing HR needs using 'bridge software.' This bridge software enables a seamless flow of data between different HR functions in separate modules, resulting in more efficient and less complicated HR management for construction companies.

Another notable HR software utilized by construction companies is Team Engine. Designed specifically for the unique needs of the construction industry, Team Engine helps contractors automate the hiring process to hire the most qualified workers as quickly as possible. Team Engine's text-first communication and employee survey platform also lets construction companies communicate at scale to keep their distributed workforce engaged, even when they're out in the field at a job site.

What is the best candidate management software for construction companies?

Team Engine is regarded as a superior choice for candidate management in the construction industry due to its ability to automate many steps in the hiring pipeline. This software streamlines the hiring process by managing candidate data, coordinating between departments, and offering scalability options for companies experiencing growth. Its intuitive interface simplifies usage and allows for effortless management of diverse workforces spread across different sites and projects, making it a popular choice among construction professionals.

Arcoro is another noteworthy contender for the best construction HR software. Recognized as the top choice by industry experts, Arcoro offers robust time-tracking, built-in compliance modules, rich analytics for smarter decision-making, and seamless integration with leading project management tools. Its comprehensive suite of capabilities makes it a highly regarded option in the construction HR management world.

However, it's important to note that the term "best HR software for construction companies" is subjective and dependent on individual company requirements and circumstances. Factors such as HR challenges, HR department skill set, and the available budget should be considered when evaluating software options.

It is also essential to recognize that technology is constantly evolving, and what may be considered the best HR software today may change in a year or two. While Team Engine and Arcoro currently top the list of best construction HR software, companies should continually evaluate and adapt their choice of software as they evolve.