Applicant Tracking System (ATS)


Team Engine’s intelligent application tracking system helps you overcome challenges associated with hiring talent. Establish a structured recruiting process and track applications proactively to hire ahead of the curve. Automate your recruitment process with Team Engine and move the best talent up in the pipeline. Say good-bye to the manual recruitment cycle and streamline hiring at all stages.

Recruiting qualified talent for your business is no longer a challenge with our ATS software designed to automate manual tasks and give you access to more accurate data on your hiring efforts. 

Applicants Sorted by Best Match in Team Engine

Find the Best Applicants, Before Your Competitors Do

Every business is looking to hire top talent to stay ahead of the competition. Team Engine helps recruiters match the best candidate profiles with the right skill set to the most competitive job postings. Automate talent acquisition from finding talent and resume screening  to scheduling interviews and final hiring steps. 

Take your pick of top talent from the applicant pool before your competitors start onboarding them. Leverage the power of social media by engaging passive job seekers who are not actively looking for a job change.

Candidate Profile in Team Engine

Streamline Resume Review

Screening candidates and picking the right talent demands time and effort. Team Engine's intelligent ATS solution lets recruiting teams to review resumes efficiently for relevant keywords. Mitigate the risk of disqualifying star applicants by letting our ATS software evaluate each candidate objectively for you.

Resumes are at the heart of the recruitment process, so screen them carefully to evaluate the applicant's profile against the open position.

Automatically post jobs to Indeed, ZipRecruiter & More with Team Engine

Fully Integrate with Job Boards

Team Engine’s Application Tracking System integrates seamlessly with job boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter to display your job postings to a large volume of candidates. Elevate the candidate experience by delivering an easier application process that attracts top talent. Keyword-optimized job postings help track candidate information such as skill sets, qualifications, and work experience. 

Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company looking to hire blue-collar talent, job boards are the place to be.

Team Engine Hiring Dashboard

Monitor Dashboards During the Hiring Process

Team Engine's interactive dashboards tell you how the recruitment funnel is progressing in just one click. Track assessments and interviews by monitoring real-time reports displayed on interactive dashboards. Manage qualified candidates across the hiring process to move them through the pipeline with efficiency. Monitor and track candidate engagement all in one place.

Onboardin Automation with Team Engine

Automate Onboarding for Hiring Managers

Proud of your recruitment process and how you're managing it successfully? Now comes the next challenge of onboarding the new talent quickly and efficiently. Team Engine helps with the coordination and handoff between HR and the hiring manager before, during and after new hire onboarding.

Team Engine: a comprehensive ATS recruitment system

Customers Love Team Engine

Team Engine is an applicant tracking system and recruiting software that generates actionable insights on statistics such as job postings, application management, interview scheduling, and employee onboarding tasks. Use the comprehensive ATS recruitment system to refine your recruitment strategy & gain insight into qualified candidate profiles.

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Do you want to automate your hiring process and streamline recruitment workflow? Start using Team Engine's HR software to leverage the power of numerous recruitment modules to make the right hiring decision in less time. 

Our smart algorithms are ready and waiting to help your Human Resources department start pulling top candidates from job boards and social media to fulfill your urgent staffing needs. 

Schedule a free demo and trial to discuss your business-specific hiring requirements and get valuable insights into real-time statistics that will help you recruit the qualified candidates you need. 

What you’ll get:

  • Job listings on top job boards 
  • More responsive employee referral portal 
  • AI-powered, keyword-rich sourcing for each job listing
  • Automated application screening to pick best-fit talent
  • 1:1 texting, real-time surveys, and announcements 
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