Who is Team Engine?

We're passionate about building great teams, serving local communities, and creating jobs.

Team Engine co-founders and employees at various social outings
silhouette of a blue-collar worker on the job

How We Started

Team Engine was founded the old-fashioned way: by talking to small business owners about their greatest challenges before we ever wrote a single line of code. We were amazed at the number of times we heard problems for which software solutions already existed…for tech companies.

With employees out in the field, making deliveries, or working different shifts on the production floor, building an engaged and productive workforce presents unique challenges that can’t be solved by apps or software tied to a desk. We committed ourselves to creating new ways for blue-collar businesses powering our country to thrive with the technology that has primarily only served the world’s largest companies.

How We Help Blue-Collar Businesses

Build Better Teams

Through targeted job postings, smart screening, and automated outreach via texting

Manage Teams
More Easily

Through on-demand and scheduled text-based announcements and group updates in multiple languages

Retain Teams Longer

With 1:1 messaging for confidential communication and surveys to gather input from the field

Who We Are

We're passionate about building great teams, serving local communities, and creating jobs.

We’re teachers, veterans, and fast food sandwich artists. We’re entrepreneurs, writers, and gardeners. Some of us run ultra marathons, and some of us prefer Netflix marathons. But more than anything, we have great respect for the value of a hard day's work and the foundation that small businesses provide for our economy.

We love to listen. And ask lots of questions. And make your life easier.

Team Engine employees hanging out in Boulder, CO
Team Engine employees at a conference
Team Engine employees hanging out in Virginia
Team Engine employees at dinner in Boulder, Colorado

Customers Love Team Engine

We think of Team Engine as a communication tool, both with applicants and current employees. And it’s saved me so much time in that communication process.
Ellen Heuer
HR Business Partner – Operations
My distributed workforce is low-tech, but everyone knows how to text. For them to be able to have a private, secure conversation with HR has been critical in helping our field staff feel more connected to the company & our culture.
Sunny Holtz
HR Manager
Team Engine has revolutionized the way we recruit and has been a total game changer for us. It broadens our scope so much and is allowing us to find local workforce in other locations when we would have no way to reach those places in any other capacity.
Lara Beckemeier
Vice President of HR & Administration
Our favorite part of Team Engine has been the ability to text with our deskless employees. Team Engine's text automation & survey features have solved our onboarding and engagement issues, which has reduced turnover and increased visibility.
Ryan Campbell
Training Development Manager

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