Increasing Hiring Efficiencies at Intek Cleaning & Restoration

Sunny Holtz, the Human Resources Manager at Intek, was sourcing candidates using a variety of methods and had to independently manage applications within each source. Tracking was inefficient, which caused her to be too late to respond to good candidates. Phoning candidates as her primary source of contact was not proving effective due to individuals screening calls from a number they didn't recognize, not setting up their voicemail, or simply not checking their voicemails and emails. With over 150 employees, she was also having trouble connecting with her field staff who rarely have a physical presence in the main office.

At A Glance


Continuously hiring for growth and turnover

Managing & responding to applications on multiple platforms

Tech-resistant workforce


Increased annual employee growth by 25%

Reduced time to hire by 50%

Regular contact via text message with field workers who rarely visit the main office

Simple Tools for a Tedious Process

Like most HR managers, Sunny has a lot on her plate. Because of Team Engine, she can get all of her daily recruiting done in less than 30 minutes, whereas it used to take her hours. With Team Engine's hiring dashboard, Sunny now gets a quick update on what's changed since she last logged on, and gives her instant visibility to applicants from all sources. She says it's so quick and easy to use that she even checks applications and messages on the weekend to make sure she's first to respond to the job-seekers who apply.

Casting A Wider Net in Recruiting

When Intek noticed a decrease in walk-in applications due to the pandemic, leadership was concerned about reaching their blue-collar demographic online. Team Engine helped Intek pick up the slack by making sure they were quick to respond to the online applications they did receive with text message automations.

Intek alsofound more qualified and engaged applicants through the use of Team Engine's Smart Filters, which helped identify unresponsive or unqualified applicants to make applicant review a quicker process. Team Engine's candidate sourcing automation also quickly replaced their old, reliable walk-in applicant traffic by allowing them to source from a new, broader set of audiences online. They continued posting on job boards and in less competitive online spaces, like social media. All this, combined with Team Engine's employee referral automation, resulted in a 25% (and growing) increase in annual hiring for Intek.

Reaching a Distributed Workforce with Text Messaging

Sunny was also experiencing challenges in communicating with her tech-resistant workforce—many of whom clock in remotely and get direct deposit, and are therefore not in the office for months at a time. After having little success with a generic texting software tool, she was elated to find that Team Engine addressed the key obstacles she encountered using texting software to engage her workforce, like how Team Engine allows her to manage text message conversations from her computer, while also eliminating the maddening chaos of group texting. Most importantly, she's now successfully delivering all messages to all employees.

We grew from 125 to 165 employees since we started using Team Engine in less than a year. Previously, our highest yearly gain was 10. We were hiring as fast as we were turning over. Finding good people and keeping good people has vastly improved since implementation!
Sunny Holtz
Human Resources Manager

Intek's Favorite Features

Feature #1

Recruiting Dashboard

Sunny no longer has to log in to multiple platforms to find out who has recently applied and how to get in touch with them. Regardless of where or how they applied, all candidates are funneled into the Team Engine dashboard and automatically qualified by Smart Filters and automated text messages.

Feature #2

Applicant Text Messaging

Sunny says that texting with applicants has cut down on all the back and forth communication that comes with trying to catch someone on the phone. This gets applicants in the door faster and frees up Sunny's time to focus on other value-add activities. Not to mention, she's no longer sending work texts from her personal phone!

Feature #3

Diverse Applicant Sources

With the click of a button, Sunny can automatically distribute jobs to all major career sites and in less competitive places (like on social media) while also leveraging an automated employee referral system.

If your employees are doing their jobs out in the world without access to a computer, Team Engine is a great solution. My distributed workforce is low-tech, but everyone knows how to text. To be able to communicate with them in that way—for them to be able to have a private, secure conversation with HR—that’s been critical in helping our field staff feel more connected to the company & our culture.
Sunny Holtz
Human Resources Manager

Start Texting With Your Employees & Applicants Today for a More Engaged Workforce Tomorrow

Make it easy for your blue-collar personnel to communicate with you by meeting them on the channel they prefer most: text messaging. Make it easy for you to communicate with them by using Team Engine’s texting software with automations, surveys, language preferences & more.