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Keep Employees & Applicants Engaged

Meet your workforce on their preferred communication channel using text message automation software that keeps track of the details, so you don’t have to.

automated text message conversation with a new hire via Team Engine
customizable, pre-scheduled text messages for new hires as part of your onboarding program in Team Engine

Automate Employee Recognition & Engagement

Send automated text messages to employees based on milestones such as their work anniversary or birthday. Build customized workflows that send automated SMS messages triggered by dates, like when they're eligible for benefits or a certification is about to expire.

Team Engine’s user-friendly text automation tool works alongside your current recruitment and human resource software system to keep track of all the moving parts and pieces, then lets you take over when a personal touch is needed.

The amount of no-call no-show interviews decreased from 50% to less than 5%. I love having the ability to communicate via group text with all employees. Team Engine is helping us improve employee retention and communication, which reduces turnover.
Don Morse
Operations Manager, Alpine Gardens
using text-to-apply to speed up the application process and get more candidates in your pipeline with Team Engine

Use Text-to-Apply for a Fast, Easy Application Process

Team Engine uses text-to-apply technology, where applicants can text the short code “APPLY” to a phone number to receive an automated text message back with a link to apply for a job.

By making it easy and convenient for on-the-go workers to apply directly from their phone (wherever they happen to see the ad) you can ensure more potential candidates will make it to the job application and successfully enter your hiring pipeline.

Pre-Schedule Automated Texts

SMS text automation also allows for pre-scheduled text messages. Whether you're making announcements for your 3rd shift team, or reminding employees about approaching open enrollment deadlines—sometimes you need to write a message now, but have it sent later.

With Team Engine you can compose all those messages as soon as you think of them, and then schedule them to send at a later time that makes more sense for the recipient. Deliver a better experience for your employees, while making your job easier at the same time!

pre-schedule automated text messages to employees (and groups of employees) using Team Engine
Team Engine changed the way we communicate. The biggest benefit is text messaging candidates about their interview times; we see more showing up on time and it has improved the way we recruit. I also like that we can text employees upcoming reminders.
Terrie Melanson
HR Generalist, Critical Systems Inc.
I love how there's a lot of automated/saved messages that get sent out without physically having to do it (e.g. birthday reminders, setting up interviews, etc.). It's helping our company save time with automated messages.
Kayla Locarno
Operations Coordinator, Titan International Security Services
text reminders and announcements to your whole team using Team Engine's text message automation software

Text Your Whole Team

Use customizable templates or write your own message, then send to everyone or a segment of your workforce, but keep all replies private in a 1:1 thread with just the employee. Avoid the madness and inconvenience of group text replies by sending individual messages to everyone, all at once!

Team Engine also facilitates text message surveys that make it fast and easy for employees to respond to a survey the moment they get a notification in their text message inbox—no mobile app or special smart phone required!

Team Engine is a great way to communicate with candidates and employees. There are always new improvements with little things that make life way easier.
April Taylor
HR Specialist, RSC Landscaping

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Simplify Employee Communication with Text Message Automation

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1:1 texting with all employees

Group announcements for your entire staff, or a segment of staff

Language translation for incoming and outgoing messages

Automated & customized communication workflows

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Team Engine Feature

Automated Text Message System

Text message automation uses software and cell phone technology to automatically send text messages to an individual (or dozens or hundreds of individuals) when triggered by a certain event, such as an application submission. Reach your workforce where they are, when they're ready to engage, with text message automation.

Team Engine checks application details and automatically follows up with candidates who submit incomplete information. It also sends automated text messages to candidates who are not currently employed, or who live out of state, to clarify their situational circumstances. Team Engine also automates interview and appointment reminders, sending text messages to candidates 2 and 24 hours before their scheduled interview to reduce no-shows. All without you needing to remember to do anything!

Among the many reasons to use Team Engine, our customers are impressed by the simplicity of using the interface, which lets you send automated text messages, manage multiple employee surveys and conversations at once, and send quick announcements to segments of your workforce without the annoying back-and-forth of a group text.

Text messaging applicants is an effective tactic for candidate engagement, boasting higher open rates and response ratios than other channels of communication, especially phone and email. Text message automation is effective for employee engagement for the same reasons. Set automated SMS messaging to run for employees' birthdays, work anniversaries, and even the end of their probation period.

FAQs About Text Message Automation

What is text message automation?

Text message automation refers to the process in which text messages are sent automatically without manual intervention. This process can be set into motion by a specific trigger, predetermined timing, or an event. Automated text messages are personalized to align with the needs, expectations and preferences of each recipient. This is generally facilitated by the use of sophisticated text message automation software.

Businesses are increasingly leveraging this automation to send out timely text messages to their client base reminding them of appointments, sharing information on new product launches, sales, offers, or confirming transactions. Think of it as a seasoned chef serving hot, fresh meals, ensuring business information is served to customers in real-time, meanwhile, freeing up valuable resources for other essential tasks.

Text message automation is not only a valuable tool for business communication and marketing, but it can also revolutionize the way companies approach recruiting and talent acquisition, such as reaching out to job applicants, providing updates on the status of their application, and scheduling interviews. This streamlined communication process ensures that candidates are kept informed and engaged throughout the recruitment process, enhancing their overall experience and perception of the company.

Additionally, text message automation can be an invaluable tool for conducting pre-screening interviews or assessments. Rather than relying solely on traditional phone calls or emails, businesses can automate the process by sending candidates a series of text message-based questions or assessments. This not only saves time for both the recruiter and the candidate but also allows for a more interactive and engaging experience for the candidate.

What is text message recruiting?

Text message recruiting is a modern, forward-thinking technique that recruitment professionals use to engage potential candidates. It capitalizes on the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones, the speed, simplicity, and convenience of text messaging, thereby revolutionizing the traditional methods of business communication.

Communication is an integral part of recruitment, and text messages inherently garner quicker responses than any other forms of communication. Statistically, text messages have an impressive 98% open rate, and of those, 90% are read within the first three minutes of being received. For recruiters, this promptness and immediacy prove invaluable in a competitive job market where speed is of the essence.

A robust recruitment strategy uses a multi-channel approach, and text message recruiting slots in neatly, filling the gaps left by emails or phone calls. It offers undemanding, no-pressure touchpoints to reach out to prospective hires, provide updates, or remind candidates about interviews. The added personalization or text message recruiting automation fosters a closer connection with candidates, leading to improved hiring experiences.

Why do recruiters text instead of email?

The modern job market is intensely competitive, requiring recruiters to engage potential candidates swiftly and effectively. Research reveals that text messages have a startling open rate of 98%, as compared to just 20% for emails. With such compelling statistics, it becomes clear why recruiters text instead of email. The immediacy and succinctness of text messages provide a high probability that they will be read and responded to.

The advent of mobile technology has largely contributed to this shift. People today spend considerable amounts of time on their mobile phones, which have emerged as the primary tools for online activities. This increased mobile usage transformed communication preferences, making texting a preferred method of communication over traditional methods like emails. Recruiters have aptly adapted to this change, thereby leveraging the benefits of texting to build effective communication channels.

By opting for text messages, recruiters provide a sense of personalized conversation, which is typically absent in an email interaction. Texting, with its informal nature, humanizes the interaction and cultivates a friendly recruiter-candidate relationship, which can positively influence the recruitment process. Furthermore, text messages are efficient in providing timely updates to candidates about their application status, interview schedules, among others.

How can text messages be used to communicate with employees?

Text messages are quickly becoming a powerful tool in business communication, proving effective in reaching out to employees swiftly and directly. Employees, especially those who are constantly on the move, favor this instantaneous and personalized mode of communication, providing real-time access to essential information. Therefore, integrating text messaging into an organization's communication strategy can enhance productivity, improve internal operations, and ensure timely resolution of issues.

Adopting a texting platform for corporate communication not only caters to the digital-oriented lifestyle of modern employees but also provides a direct line for essential updates or instructions. Text messages can effectively be used to communicate with employees about time-sensitive matters, provide reminders for important deadlines, send out alerts or critical updates, and convey appreciation and acknowledgment for their hard work. The immediacy of the medium ensures that the message is received and addressed promptly, making it a highly efficient communication tool.

Though highly effective, managing communication through text messages can be quite a task, especially when dealing with a large workforce. This is where text message automation software comes into play. Incorporating such software can automate the process of sending out bulk messages to employees, ensuring that the right information reaches the right personnel at the right time, without fail.

Text message automation software typically allows organizations to pre-set message content, schedule sending times, and select recipients easily. This becomes incredibly useful when disseminating routine updates, reminders, or alerts to employees. More advanced software may offer features like personalized messaging, delivery reports, and integration with other business systems.

Can employers send text messages to employees?

From a legal standpoint, there isn’t any law prohibiting an employer from sending a text message to an employee. One essential consideration when employers send text messages to their employees is ensuring they have express consent to do so. This is especially true when these messages are sent to personal devices. Seeking consent is not only a respectful practice but also a method to avoid potential legal dilemmas.

In terms of content and context, employers should strive to maintain professional, relevant conversation. The messages should serve a valid purpose connected to the job. SMS alerts from an employer could be about work schedules, project updates, emergency notifications, or other essential employment-related information. This approach helps avoid crossing the boundaries into personal communication territory.

Finally, timing is another factor to bear in mind when sending text messages. Messages sent during non-work hours can potentially breach work-life balance norms. Hence, sending text messages should ideally be restricted to reasonable working hours unless there is an emergency or a specific reason that necessitates otherwise.

How do I send an automated text to an employee?

Sending an automated text to an employee uses software to manage and schedule messages. A workhorse in the field of operational communication, it provides an unparalleled combination of speed, convenience, and adaptability.

The primary step lies in identifying what content you wish to share with your employees. Perhaps it's a reminder to submit reports, an update about changes in policies or just a friendly nudge in the face of an upcoming deadline. Once the content is clear and defined, the automation software takes charge.

Input your message into the text message automation software. Then, with additional customized settings, you can adjust the frequency, timing, and recipient(s) of the message.

The use of text message automation software is not limited to traditional text messages. Some solutions allow automation for multimedia messages, allowing users to include images, gifs, videos, and more. Some, like Team Engine, even provide in-product language translation for companies with a multilingual workforce. This variation in format enables even greater flexibility and richness in communication, boosting employee engagement and maintaining a robust communication channel.