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Text message automation uses software and technology to automatically send text messages to an individual (or hundreds of individuals) when triggered by a certain event, such as an application submission. Reach job seekers where they are with text messaging.

Text messaging applicants is an effective tactic for candidate engagement, boasting higher open rates and response ratios than other channels of communication, especially phone and email.

Text message automation is effective for employee engagement for the same reasons. Set automated SMS messaging to run for employees' birthdays, work anniversaries, and even the end of their probation period!

automations - automated workflows for HR

Upgrade to Automated Workflows

Send automated text messages to your contact list all at once. Team Engine’s text automation tool works alongside your current recruitment and human resource software system. Whether you are a growing small business or an established organization in your industry, automate applicant and employee messaging with Team Engine to save time and communicate more effectively.

With automated workflows, you can send SMS messages and customize the user experience based on individual behavior. Send open-ended text messages, then automatically follow-up if the user doesn't respond. Our user-friendly software makes building an automated SMS workflow easy, even if you're a novice.

automated applicant follow-up

Automate Applicant Follow Up with SMS

Team Engine checks application details and automatically follows up with candidates who submit incomplete information. It also sends automated text messages to candidates who are not currently employed, or who live out of state, to clarify their situational circumstances.

Team Engine also automates interview and appointment reminders, sending text messages to candidates 2 and 24 hours before their scheduled interview to reduce no-shows. All without you lifting a finger!  

set up automated replies to job applicants

Set Up Auto-Replies

Team Engine features text-to-apply, where people can text the short code “APPLY” to a specific phone number and receive an automated text message back with a link to apply for a specific role.

As an example, if a job seeker sends a keyword to a short code requesting to receive more information about interesting job openings, an automated message will be sent back with a thank you note, welcome message, or status update.

schedule automated text message communications with employees

Schedule Messages

SMS text automation also allows for pre-scheduled text messages. Whether you're making announcements for your 3rd shift team, or reminding employees about approaching open enrollment deadlines—sometimes you need to write a message now, but have it sent later.

With Team Engine you can compose all those messages as soon as you think of them, and then schedule them to send at a later time that makes more sense for the recipient. Deliver a better experience for your employees, while making your job easier at the same time!

Text You Whole Team

Text Your Whole Team

Use customized templates to write one announcement, then have it sent to each recipient in a different thread. Avoid the madness of group text replies by sending individual messages to everyone, all at once!

You can also send text message surveys to your entire workforce at once with Team Engine. It's fast and easy for employees to respond to a survey the moment they get a notification in their text message inbox—no mobile app or special smart phone required!

Text Message Automation - Customers Love Team Engine

Customers Love Team Engine

Among the many reasons to use Team Engine, our customers are impressed by the simplicity of using the interface. It lets you send automated text messages, manage multiple employee surveys at once, and send quick announcements to segments of your workforce without the annoying back-and-forth of a group text.

Team Engine’s text message tool comes with a simple setup that works with your current human resource management system and gives you the highest return on investment. 

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