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Broaden Your Talent Strategy with Sourcing Automation

Skilled candidates are hard to find. Stop spending hours on job boards digging through resumes looking for qualified applicants. Instead, automate candidate sourcing with Team Engine to broaden your strategy and fill your talent pool with the right candidates.

applicant tracking system and automated candidate sourcing in Team Engine
automated candidate sourcing in Team Engine allows you to advertise on social media and craigslist in one click

Conduct Outreach to Qualified Candidates

Qualified candidates may not be actively job searching on professional job boards, but you can still reach them where they are on social media. Team Engine runs smart, targeted ads to put your open jobs in front of ideal candidates—whether they're already employed or not.

Team Engine is the best investment my company has made. I love that whenever we need an applicant, we can go to Team Engine; it has taken the difficulty out of sifting through candidates. And it's easy to use. Before, we had to go through different websites to look for candidates. Team Engine lumps these resources altogether for us and saves us so much time.
Christine Williams
Sr. Operations Manager, Southwest Cleaning
the recruiting process, simplified with Team Engine

The Power of an Entire Recruiting Team with One Tool

Team Engine’s sourcing automation tools take dozens of tasks off your plate to automate the tedious, repetitive steps in the hiring process. Manage and update job board listings in real-time and use AI-generated suggestions to optimize job listings that attract the best talent.

Streamline Your Employee Referral Program

Deliver the best candidate experience through your employee referral program to reduce cost per hire, improve employee engagement, and speed up the overall sourcing process. Team Engine’s referral automation feature easily reminds employees about your in-house referral program so that you get faster access to pre-screened applicants.

automated employee referral text message via Team Engine
Team Engine is providing me with considerably more candidates than I was getting through our ATS alone. The sponsorships with Indeed seem to work much more seamlessly. I also love the automations.
Stephanie R.
Olympic Eagle (trucking & distribution)
Team Engine allowed our small business to be more proactive in sourcing applicants. We were fully staffed at the start of our season with the most talented team in history because evaluating the applicants and interacting with them was easy and quick.
Toni K.
Shades of Green (landscaping)
automated candidate sourcing and applicant tracking in Team Engine's ATS

Implement the Most Effective Sourcing Strategies

Team Engine's candidate sourcing engine helps you find talent from a multitude of sources (online and offline) with the most relevant skill set. Highlight and track current and past applicants, including those who aren't a good fit now, but might be later. Team Engine dashboards help you understand which jobs are performing well on which platform, and what open positions need further optimization.

I particularly like the recruiting feature. Having a one step shop to place ads, then communicate with applicants has made the hiring process easier.
Vivian H.
Westwind Landscape Construction

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Upgrade your recruiting process with Team Engine

Team Engine is designed to help recruiters and HR teams find and hire the best-fit competitive talent for growing teams. Sign up for a risk-free trial to get:

Job listings on top job boards

Employee referral portal

AI-powered, keyword-rich sourcing for each job listing

Automated application screening to pick best-fit talent

Texting & emailing with applicants

Language translation for incoming and outgoing messages

Full support from our customer success team

Team Engine Feature

Automated Candidate Sourcing

Team Engine’s applicant tracking system doubles as a hiring assistant that automates candidate sourcing and applicant screening to find top talent from a variety of sources, both online and offline. Find the competitive advantage in hiring you've been looking for with automated candidate sourcing.

FAQs About Automated Candidate Sourcing

What are the benefits of automated candidate sourcing?

One of the primary advantages of automated candidate sourcing is increased efficiency. Traditional methods of sourcing candidates, such as manual searching and outreach, can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Automation allows you to search and filter through large candidate databases in a fraction of the time, ensuring that you find the most relevant candidates for your open positions quickly.

In addition to saving time, automation can also improve the quality of your sourcing efforts. With automated tools, you can use advanced algorithms and machine learning to identify candidates with highly specific skills and qualifications. This ensures that you are connecting with individuals who are the best fit for your organization, leading to better long-term hires and reduced turnover rates.

Furthermore, automating candidate sourcing enables you to provide a more personalized and efficient candidate experience. Automation tools can help you personalize your outreach and communication, allowing you to engage with candidates on a more individual level. This not only enhances their experience with your company but also increases the likelihood of them accepting a job offer.

What is automated candidate sourcing?

The automation of candidate sourcing requires specialized software that leverages artificial intelligence to sift through databases in search of potential candidates who meet specific job requirements. This type of talent acquisition tool can analyze thousands of profiles in a fraction of the time it takes a human recruiter, significantly reducing the time-to-hire and enhancing the overall efficiency of the process. With the ability to effortlessly analyze vast amounts of data and profile metrics, automated candidate sourcing tools detangle the intricacies of recruitment strategies and provide recruiters with a clear insight into the market's available talent.

What are the best candidate sourcing tools?

Candidate sourcing tools have intricate algorithms designed to skim databases, platforms and social networks, effectively filtering potential employees that suit the required job description and qualifications. They not only streamline the recruitment process but also ensure a diverse candidate pool, opening doors to a broader array of talents.

Tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter, Hiretual, and Entelo have proven indispensable in the recruitment industry, characterized by their analytic capabilities, expansive reach, and comprehensive candidate assessment. LinkedIn Recruiter, for instance, is built on a platform that millions of individuals use for professional networking, making it an excellent reservoir for sourcing potential talents.

Other candidate sourcing software platforms have distinct features designed to customize and automate tasks such as candidate screening, thereby saving recruiters ample time and resources. Some of the top software includes BambooHR and Zoho Recruit, known for their user-friendly interface and powerful search capacities.

For companies hiring blue-collar workers who do not traditionally sit at a desk or computer, Team Engine's text messaging recruitment platform is the best choice, making it quick and easy for candidates to engage with the employer, effectively moving them through the hiring pipeline faster.

How can I automate the recruitment process?

Automation in the recruitment process signifies the use of advanced technology and software tools to streamline and enhance the hiring functions of a company. The primary goal of automation in recruitment is to simplify the myriad steps involved in sourcing, shortlisting, and hiring candidates, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency.

Recruitment marketing automation uses digital tools to attract and engage prospective candidates. It involves automated job postings, social media outreach, candidate relationship management, and analytics to measure the success of recruitment campaigns. Recruitment marketing automation enables companies to approach hiring in the same way they approach marketing products or services - strategically and efficiently.

Additional aspects of automated recruiting include applicant tracking systems that help organize candidate applications, interview scheduling tools that aid in coordinating with potential hires, and onboarding tools that ensure smooth transition of new recruits.