Text Surveys for Field Workers

Send bulk SMS surveys to the entire workforce (or a segment of the workforce) in a single go. Watch your survey response rates soar as it becomes faster and easier for employees to respond via text message.

A Cost-Effective Way to Gather Valuable Feedback

Team Engine sends surveys by text message so that recipients can respond from their mobile devices. Team Engine users can view responses instantly as soon as they are submitted. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to send and compile survey responses—regardless of their level of tech savviness.

Since survey messages are text-based, no smartphone, app download, or internet access is needed by recipients to view or respond. Expect higher and faster response rates, and even send automated reminders to recipients who haven't responded yet.

Create and Use Templates

Create a custom survey based on your specific needs, or use pre-defined templates built on industry best practices. Whether you're checking in on employees with pulse surveys or asking new hires for onboarding feedback, Team Engine makes it fast and easy to collect and organize the data. You can even send questions automatically on a set time frame, such as monthly and quarterly surveys.

Our favorite part of Team Engine has been the ability to text with our deskless employees. Being in a manufacturing environment, getting in front of our employees on the shop floor was difficult. Team Engine's text, automation, and survey features have solved our onboarding and engagement issues, which has reduced turnover and increased visibility.
Ryan C.
O'Neal Steel (manufacturing)

Ask Multiple Choice Questions to Increase Response Rate

Survey questions that are short and simple are more likely to encourage respondents to participate. Team Engine’s survey questions are sent one at a time over text messages, which makes it quick and easy to reply, resulting in a higher response rate. Multiple choice questions are mobile-friendly and easy to answer, so employees can respond right away from their phone.

Stay Up-to-Date With All Your Employees

Surveys are a great way to listen to your employees. Regular pulse surveys give your team a safe and convenient way to share their thoughts and feedback about what's going well and what's not going well. Insights from a current employee can help you improve the experience for your next new hire.

By implementing their suggestions and ideas, you enhance the employee experience for both current and future team members—and send the message that you value their opinions. Empower your staff to share problems that would otherwise be left unshared and unnoticed without Team Engine’s text message survey tool.

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Connect with Your Teams Using Text Message Surveys

Use Team Engine to get valuable feedback and suggestions from employees and new hires. Record survey data in real-time and implement best practices to improve operations across all departments.

Sign up for a demo and trial to give Team Engine’s text message survey feature a try. In addition to those survey results, you’ll get full access to the software including:

1:1 texting with all employees

Group announcements for your entire staff, or a segment of staff

Language translation for incoming and outgoing messages

Automated & customized communication workflows

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Team Engine Feature

Text Message Survey

Automatically send surveys to employees via text message to get quick responses. Whether you want to send onboarding surveys to new hires, exit surveys to departing employees, or collect feedback from current staff, Team Engine's text message survey tool promotes higher engagement and completion rates by making it fast and simple for respondents to submit their feedback.

Take advantage of pre-designed templates for sending quick SMS text surveys, or build custom multiple-choice questions to gather feedback and responses in real-time. Give respondents the freedom and flexibility to respond to survey questions anytime, anywhere—then gather their responses in real time via SMS. Those real-time insights can help identify issues quickly so you can make data-driven decisions. Use survey responses to respond to feedback and improve the company culture, which will result in retaining more employees over time.

FAQs About Text Surveys

Can You Conduct A Survey In A Text Message?

Utilizing the power of ubiquitous technology that text messaging provides, conducting a survey through this medium is not only possible but is in fact a highly efficient method when it comes to maximizing reach and response rates. Considering the ever-present nature of mobile phones in our lives, text messages are almost always instantly received, read and responded to, thereby making them an optimal choice for rapid data collection.

Text message surveys can help alleviate traditional survey challenges including low response rates, geographical barriers, and time constraints. However, certain important factors should be taken into account when designing a successful text message survey. These include maintaining brevity, crafting clear and easy-to-understand questions, and ensuring response privacy. It's also crucial to make use of an opt-in feature to respect recipients' privacy and to comply with anti-spam laws.

What Are SMS Surveys?

SMS surveys are questionnaires sent out via Short-Message-Service (SMS) - more familiar to us as the everyday text messages we exchange on our mobile phones. Received straight to a customer's mobile device, their convenience and ease of completion have made them a popular tool for generating employee feedback about their job satisfaction and engagement levels.

What To Ask In An Employee Pulse Survey

A pulse survey aims to regularly capture employees' feedback about the workplace. Questions included in the survey could range from understanding general job satisfaction and workplace morale, to unveiling insights about management effectiveness, workplace culture, team harmony, and career prospects.

An imperative factor to consider is the survey's focus on current happenings within the organization. For instance, when introducing a new policy or following a significant organizational shift, asking feedback-specific questions particular to such changes would be more beneficial. You might ask questions like 'How well was the change communicated?' or 'What is your perspective on the effect of the new policy?'

What To Ask In An Employee Onboarding Feedback Survey

An Employee Onboarding feedback survey usually encapsulates questions on culture, mentorship, training content, and logistics. By collecting feedback, organizations can monitor and refine their onboarding practices, thus ensuring future new hires' transitioning process is smooth and beneficial. An improved onboarding strategy can significantly improve the retention rate, increase job satisfaction and greatly heighten productivity levels among employees.

The purpose of the survey is not to criticize, but to instigate positive change, growth, and development. The response to an employee onboarding feedback survey can reveal critical insights on what is working and what isn't with regard to management practices, company values and the overall working environment. This valuable data allows organizations to make necessary changes, and continually refine their onboarding process to guarantee positivity and productivity for all future hires.