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Candidate Sourcing Automation for Manufacturers

Automated Sourcing for Manufacturers - Screen for Responsiveness

Increase applicant volume at all skill levels with automated sourcing.

  • Reduce time to hire while maintaining quality of hire
  • Promote open positions on new applicant sources
  • Attract workers from other industries
  • Leverage existing staff with employee referral automation
  • Screen for unresponsive candidates, job-hoppers, long commutes, required experience, and more
  • Decrease reliance on expensive temp labor

Automate Tedious Steps in the Hiring Process

Automated Hiring Assistant and Intelligent Messaging to Keep Applicants Engaged Throughout the Hiring Process

Differentiate from your competitors with intelligent messaging.

  • Respond to new applicants first, before other companies do
  • Keep applicants engaged and interested throughout the hiring process
  • Show enthusiasm and professionalism with interview and start date reminders

Employee Messaging for Deskless Workers

Texting About PTO with Manufacturing Employee

Retain new and tenured staff with employee text messaging.

  • Automate text message check-ins with new hires
  • Gauge employee satisfaction and promote internal growth through text message surveys
  • Automatically remind employees about performance reviews & benefits deadlines
  • Send timely information about safety training, machinery maintenance, company-wide meetings, weather closures, and more
  • Answer PTO and payroll inquiries
  • Celebrate employee birthdays and work anniversaries with automated texts
Hiring Software for Manufacturers

Team Engine Reviews from Real Customers

Our favorite part of Team Engine has been the ability to text with our deskless employees. Being in a manufacturing environment, getting in front of our employees on the shop floor was difficult. Team Engine's text, automation, and survey features have solved our onboarding and engagement issues, which has reduced turnover and increased visibility.

Ryan Campbell
Training Development Manager, O'Neal Steel

I love the automation and streamlining of communication with potential employees. Once someone applies, Team Engine texts them and starts a conversation on my behalf, screening out those applicants that are not responsive. Because TeamEngine contacts people through text first and email second, it facilitates faster turnaround with the younger generation of worker. This aids in interoffice communication with HR, Safety and other departments.

BJ Taylor
Southern Valve Services

Team Engine is a great tool for employee communication with HR because everything gets documented, which is critical in the HR world.

Monica Sanchez
HR Manager, Syracuse Sausage

Team Engine changed the way we communicate. The biggest benefit is text messaging candidates about their interview times; we see more showing up on time and it has improved the way we recruit. I also like that we can text employees upcoming reminders.

Terrie Melanson
HR Generalist, Critical Systems

Monica, from Syracuse Sausage, says she used to have trouble communicating with non-English speakers because something would always get lost in translation, and often put the translator in an awkward or uncomfortable position. Now, with Team Engine's language preference feature, all employees get the same message delivered in their preferred language. Monica also loves using text messages for employee communications with HR because she automatically has documentation of those conversations, which she says is essential in the HR world.

Hiring Software for Manufacturers

Hiring, Recruiting & Retention Tools for the Manufacturing Industry

2023 Mid-Year Labor Market Update


An analytical assessment of current labor and economic market conditions + actionable advice on how to react in the 2nd half of 2023, and beyond.

How an employee onboarding program improves retention


How O'Neal Steel created a 6-month onboarding program designed to help new hires in the warehouse feel welcome & engaged in their roles.

Manufacturing Job Description Templates


Job Description Templates for Production Worker & Supervisor, Warehouse Worker & Supervisor and Machinist positions.

Team Engine Manufacturing Company Case Study


How one company used Team Engine to connect with more qualified candidates and improve employee retention by 34%.

Manufacturing Job Boards


9 Best Manufacturing Job Boards for Finding Talent

Case Study: Hiring Software for Beverage Manufacturers


Team Engine helped Suncup Juice reduce their reliance on temp labor, make more direct hires & improve retention.


9 Ideas for Employee Retention in Manufacturing

The Blue-Collar Guide to Attracting Top Talent in Manufacturing


The Blue-Collar Guide to Attracting Top Talent in Manufacturing

Case Study on Hiring in Manufacturing - CALco Pallet Company


CALco saw a 27% increase in employees using Team Engine's automated sourcing, screening & communication tools.

13 Must-Ask Manufacturing Interview Questions


13 Must-Ask Manufacturing Interview Questions

Food Manufacturing - Employee Communication Case Study - Standard Meat Company


How Standard Meat Company stays connected to their 800+ employees using Team Engine's mobile employee communication solution.

The Blue-Collar Guide to Hiring Top Talent in Manufacturing


The Blue-Collar Guide to Hiring Top Talent in Manufacturing

MFG case study for HR Software


How Ridge Corporation decreased monthly job posting costs by 90% using Team Engine's automated candidate sourcing and texting.

Employee Referral Program Manufacturing


Do's & Don'ts for an Effective Employee Referral Program

Hiring and Recruiting Ads for Manufacturing Workers


Hiring & Recruiting Ad Examples for Manufacturing Workers

How to get more construction applicants


How to Get More Qualified Manufacturing Applicants

Using Facebook and Instagram Ads for Recruiting


Using Facebook & Instagram Ads for Manufacturing Recruiting

Perks and Benefits Manufacturing Workers Want


Perks and Benefits Manufacturing Workers Want


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  • Automated applicant screening and messaging
  • Integrated interview scheduling
  • Employee texting, surveys, announcements, and 1:1 messaging
  • Employee referral portal
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