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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require an annual contract?
Although we offer a discounted annual payment option, we don't require a contract. Team Engine customers can choose between a month-to-month and annual subscription.

What if I need to open more jobs or add more employees than my plan allows?
‍We know that hiring needs and teams change throughout the year. You can add jobs and employees at any time. If you exceed your plan's limits, we'll reach out to you over email to confirm you want to upgrade and you'll have 7 days to make any adjustments before we upgrade your plan.

What types of payment do you accept?
For month-to-month subscriptions and job boosts we accept all major credit cards. Annual subscriptions can be pre-paid via credit card, ACH or check.

What happens if I pay for an annual subscription but want to upgrade or downgrade my plan?
If you need to upgrade your annual subscription, you have the option to pay for the upgrade on a monthly or annual basis. If you pay monthly, you will pay the difference in monthly price between your new plan and old plan. If you pay annually, the upgrade will be prorated based on how much time you have remaining on your annual subscription. You can downgrade an annual subscription at the annual renewal date.