Identify Inefficiencies, Discover Savings [WEBINAR]

by Danielle Riha in June 7th, 2023

Ready to make organizational improvements, but unsure where to start?

All companies rely on established processes to function smoothly, but often need help making their operations more efficient.

Inefficient processes waste time and resources, and they're inherent in almost every organization. Despite its prevalence, bad process design is challenging to identify because inefficiency hides in established business processes, such as inventory management, HR, business applications, and IT. 

Fortunately, Business Process Improvement (BPI) practices are designed to pinpoint these inefficiencies and eliminate the slowdowns they create.

Watch the recording now to reap the benefits of the BPM methodology and learn best practices for systematic business process improvement.

What we cover:

  • How to identify the symptoms of inefficiency in your business
  • The top five business processes with the highest rate of inefficiency
  • How to improve processes in your business using the Business Process Improvement (BPI) methodology
  • Pro-tips for implementing BPI best practices in your organization
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