'Announcements' Now Found Under 'Messages'

by Danielle Riha in May 1st, 2024

As of Wednesday, May 1, 2024, we have integrated the announcement feature within our message functionality.

What this means:

You will no longer see an Announcement tab, but instead you will select the group you’d like to send an announcement to from within the Messages tab. (More on that below.)

To be clear: you still have all of the same functionalities you had before. Nothing has been removed; it's just in different places now.

Why did we do this?

Team Engine's mission is to help our customers build standout organizations that foster mutual respect and commitment between employers and their employees. 

For companies with a distributed workforce out in the field, that often means bridging gaps around technology and communication, which is where Team Engine comes in. And at the core of that work lies the messaging functionality within our software.

So, instead of having customers flip back and forth between "Messages" and "Announcements" in the software, we centralized all communication functions to improve their accessibility and enhance their effectiveness.

How does this help me?

📢 Centralized Messaging

Our goal is to make it easier to send and review messages and announcements to anyone — individuals, groups, or all employees — all from one place under your Messages tab. We also added a search bar so you can easily find sent messages by searching the recipient.

💬 Simplified Communication

You’ll now be able to track message delivery more easily. Quickly confirm how a message was delivered and identify next steps to resolve any issue and ensure your message reaches its recipients.

📦 Packed away

Scheduled and saved messages are still here, they’ve just been tucked away to clean up your messaging view. All templated messages can now be found by clicking + Add Saved Message.

To schedule a message, simply click the dropdown menu next to Send Text.

In the coming months, we’ll be continuing to release a series of updates to our user interface and experience. During this time (and always!) we’d love your feedback – feel free to chat into our support team from anywhere on our website, or email us at support@teamengine.io to tell us what you think.

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