How to Use Employee Appreciation Text Messages to Boost Morale

You can't be everywhere at once, but you can reach employees wherever they are with a simple text message. Here's how to boost morale & improve retention over text.

Desiree Grosman
December 27, 2023

In industries like construction, landscaping, and warehousing, the morning huddle isn't just about the day's tasks; it's about who's there to tackle them. Recent numbers from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are staggering: despite 8.8 million job openings, there are only 6.3 million unemployed workers. So even if every unemployed individual were to find a job today, employers would still be grappling with around 4 million unfilled positions.

Amidst this backdrop, the power of a simple "thank you" has never been more crucial. Employee appreciation text messages are a tool to not just retain employees but also uplift the spirits of those who clock in every day. Let's explore how and why employee appreciation is important, and provide some sample employee appreciation messages to get you started.

The Importance of Employee Appreciation

In the current labor shortage, where every hand counts, recognizing the hard work of employees is more than just a kind gesture. Consider these eye-opening statistics from Zippia:

  • 29% of employees have not received any form of recognition for their good work in the past year.
  • Employee recognition programs can decrease employee turnover by up to 31%.
  • Employees who receive recognition are nearly six times more likely to stick around.
  • 37% of employees say that receiving recognition is the most effective method to engage them.

These numbers are a testament to the profound impact of appreciation on employee morale and retention. This is especially true for blue-collar industries where work can be physically demanding and often goes unnoticed.

Employee Appreciation Text Messages: A Simple Yet Effective Tool

You can't be everywhere at once. But you can reach your employees wherever they are with a simple text message. Here's how employee appreciation text messages can boost morale and improve retention:

  • Immediate Impact: Unlike physical awards or recognition events, text messages can be sent instantly and have an immediate impact on the recipient.
  • Personal Touch: Texting feels personal and sincere, especially if they are personalized with the employee's name or specific achievements.
  • Accessibility: Texts are accessible to employees who may not have access to email or aren't always on-site to hear an in-person thank you.
  • Cost-effective: Employee appreciation text messages are one of the most budget-friendly ways you can motivate your team and show gratitude.
  • Group Messages: If you have a whole team or department to appreciate, group text messages can save you time, build comradery, and still make everyone feel valued.

6 Employee Text Message Best Practices

Texting an employee is different from sending a casual text to a friend. Here are some text message best practices to keep in mind:

  1. Keep it Simple: Text messages are meant to be short and sweet. Stick to just 2-3 sentences. More than that and the message gets lost.
  2. Personalize: Use the employee's name to make your message feel more genuine.
  3. Be Specific: Mention the employee's specific accomplishments or efforts.
  4. Use Emojis: Emojis can help convey a positive and friendly tone in your message. But only use them if it fits your personality and company culture.
  5. Avoid Text Talk: Stick to proper grammar and spelling. Abbreviations or slang can come across as unprofessional or can confuse the recipient.
  6. Schedule Wisely: Don't send texts outside of work hours and don't overload employees with too many messages in a short period. Respect boundaries and give time for the appreciation to sink in.

Sample Employee Appreciation Messages

Coming up with the right words to express your appreciation can be a challenge, especially in a text message where you have limited characters. Here are some sample employee appreciation messages to inspire you:

  • Hey [Name], noticed how you handled that tricky equipment issue today. Great job solving a tough problem! 🛠️👏
  • Thank you for finishing that project ahead of schedule, [Name]. I'm grateful for your hard work and efficiency on this one!
  • Impressed with how you trained the new hires, [Name]! They're in good hands with you leading them.
  • Your attention to safety on the site has been fantastic, [Name]. Thanks for looking out for everyone! 🚧👷
  • The way you managed the inventory yesterday saved us a lot of time, [Name]. Thanks for being a team player! 👍
  • Heard you helped resolve the [XYZ Customer] issue, [Name]. Thanks for going the extra mile!
  • Your positive attitude is contagious, [Name]. Keep it up! 😄
  • Your sales numbers have been consistently strong, [Name]. Keep crushing it!
  • Appreciate your dedication to keeping the warehouse organized, [Name]. It's made a huge difference!

How Team Engine Can Automate Employee Appreciation Text Messages

Remember, employee appreciation doesn't have to be reserved for big achievements or milestones. You don't have to wait for employee appreciation day to say "thank you" to your team. A simple text message can go a long way in boosting morale, fostering loyalty, and improving retention in today's hiring challenges.

And Team Engine's text message automation can do the heavy lifting for you! With Team Engine, you can:

  • Send automated text messages to your entire employee list, customizing the user experience based on individual behavior.
  • Write a message now and schedule it to be sent later, ensuring timely communication that fits your recipient's schedule.
  • Use customized templates to send individual messages to everyone at once, avoiding the chaos of group texts.
  • Setup automated messages based on triggers like the employee's birthday, work anniversary, or other key milestones.

By automating your employee appreciation text messages, Team Engine ensures timely, personalized, and effective employee communication, making your job easier and your team's experience better. Grab your risk-free trial of Team Engine today!

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