How Technology Helps Attract and Retain Great Employees

Many people in today’s workforce never knew a world without smartphones, which is why workplace tech can be key in attracting & retaining great employees.

Technology plays a significant role in almost every business. However, the construction industry has been slow in its adoption. Many people entering the workforce today never knew a world without smartphones. Because of this, technology has become a critical element in attracting and retaining great employees. From increasing efficiency to rewarding top performers, using technology can be the difference between the businesses that succeed and those that do not.

Millennial Employees Expect Technology

Fun Fact: According to Statista, around 80% of the world’s population owns a smartphone.

The world has adapted to a way of living that revolves around these little devices we carry in our pockets. Everything from interacting with friends to having fresh cookies delivered to your door has been changed by technology.

While the argument can be made that we are slowly being stripped of our humanity by constantly staring into screens, it is also difficult to deny that these same technologies have dramatically improved our ability to get things done.

So… what does this have to do with attracting and retaining great employees?


Consider for a moment the next generation of workers. In school, they were likely given a laptop instead of a textbook. It is possible that they have had more conversations on their phones than they have in person. When they have a question, they ask Google. When they see something out of the ordinary, they pull out their phone and record it. Technology has changed the way they communicate, navigate the world, and get things done.

Now imagine putting these same individuals in a working environment where this same level of technology has not been adopted. Ask them to track their time on a piece of paper that they need to hand in each week. Let them know that the only way you have of measuring their success is by the word of their supervisor.

Are you really surprised when these workers perform sub-optimally or end up finding work elsewhere?

The fact is that millennial employees expect their job to utilize the same level of technology that they have known their whole lives. If you cannot provide that, they will find somebody else that can.

Not only is this what they expect, but it is also what they need to perform to the fullest. Modern technology gives you the edge to outperform the competition, maximize efficiency, and minimize liability.

Keeping score on the jobsite can be the difference between winning and losing on a job.

Can you confidently say what the most profitable jobs are for your business? Are there any jobs where you might be losing money?

Without reliable jobsite data, these questions are difficult to answer. The good news is that getting this data is now easier than ever before with technology solutions tailored to your industry.

The only question is if you are using them or not.

busybusy founder, Isaac Barlow, tells the story of a job he took early on in his career. He was as close to the jobsite data as he had ever been before. Because of this, it turned into the most productive job he had ever seen! They stayed way ahead of schedule and hit all their budgets.

Unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending.

Isaac’s crew kept score and knew where they were every step of the way. That is what made them so productive. The problem was that they had not paid as much attention to the score on previous jobs. This caused their estimates to be off, and in the end, they lost money.

Technology provides accurate, reliable data to make sure you come out on top of every job. It also attracts the type of workers who want to come out on top.

Top-tier workers, like top-tier athletes, care about their numbers.

Attend any professional sporting event and notice how often the athletes are checking the scoreboard. They want to know how their team is doing, how the other team is doing, and how much time they have left.

Beyond that, top-tier athletes want to know their personal contributions, learn from their mistakes, and be recognized for their successes. They will watch game films, welcome coaching opportunities, and motivate their team.

Top-tier employees are the same.

Some business owners worry that the data tracked by construction technology will scare employees away. In reality, the opposite is true. Understanding where employees are at, what they are doing, and how long it takes them to get things done is exactly what your best employees want.

Your best workers care about their numbers. Just like professional athletes, they want to be recognized for being capable, reliable, and efficient. If you have an employee who is outperforming the rest of the crew but never getting recognized, you better believe they are going to find another crew.

The technology available today not only provides you with data for your crew, but it lets you see progress over time and easily identify (and more importantly reward) your top-tier workers. This is what attracts top talent to your team and keeps them around.

In case you are still on the fence about adopting technology for your business, take the Nike approach. Just do it. The modern workforce not only expects but thrives in using technology every day. When properly implemented, these tech solutions will change the way you do business and help you come out on top. When you start seeing more wins, you will start attracting and retaining more top-tier workers.

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