Revamp Your Incentive Programs [webinar replay]

In this webinar Jeffrey Scott will review the common problems with incentive programs, then show you how to avoid and overcome them.

Danielle Riha
June 28, 2024

Incentives and bonus plans are meant to motivate employees, boost productivity, and enhance overall company performance. However, many organizations find that their well-intentioned incentive programs often backfire. Commission plans, profit sharing, bonus structures, and other incentive programs are supposed to drive positive behaviors and outcomes. Unfortunately, they can sometimes have the opposite effect.

When these programs fail, they can lead to a demotivated work environment, underperformance, and even division within your team. Circumstances can change, and what once worked well may no longer be effective, leaving you with a frustrated workforce and unmet goals. If you’ve experienced these challenges, or want to avoid them altogether, watch our webinar, Why Incentives and Bonus Plans Backfire... and How to Fix Them, where Jeffrey Scott covers the common pitfalls of incentive programs and how to overcome them.

What We Cover:

  • Where These Programs Fail: Understanding the common pitfalls and mistakes that lead to incentive program failure.
  • Tell-Tale Signs of Incentive Failure: How to identify when your incentive program is not working as intended.
  • Alternative Solutions: Exploring different approaches to design and implement successful incentive programs that truly motivate your team.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar will benefit you if:

  • Your current incentive programs are not driving the behavior you desire.
  • Employees are finding ways to work around or "game" the system you’ve put in place.
  • Last year’s successful program is falling flat this year.
  • Your incentive schemes are creating divisions and dissatisfaction among your staff.

Ready to Reignite the Fire Behind Your Incentive Programs?

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Why Incentives and Bonus Plans Backfire... and How to Fix Them



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