Keeping Facilities Fully Staffed at Mazza Recycling

Mazza Recycling Services needs employees who are willing to get dirty and perform hard, manual labor. Staffing agencies are expensive and underdeliver in terms of the volume of qualified applicants, so Mazza was looking for a new solution to keep their centers staffed at capacity. In addition to increasing their applicant pool, Mazza also wanted to be more efficient and effective at communicating with their employees, particularly with non-English speakers.

At A Glance


Finding non-traditional laborers

Getting callbacks or email replies from candidates

Communicating with non-English speakers


Hired 18 people in two months, a 32% increase

ncreased employee & applicant response rates by 46%

Time savings for HR due to streamlined recruiting and employee communication

Solutions for Communicating with a Nontraditional Workforce

Reaching Non-English Speakers

With Team Engine’s employee texting capabilities, communicating across language barriers has become less of a burden. Now, Mazza's HR Coordinator is alerted by the software when non-English speaking employees are on the "send" list and gives her the option to compose a second message translated to the right language.

Automated Onboarding Messaging for New Hires

When a candidate moves from "applicant" to "employee," Team Engine kicks off a series of automated text messages that have been customized to match Mazza's onboarding process.

Texting with Employees

Alexis was attaching memos to check stubs and asking managers to verbally make announcements on her behalf. With the implementation of Team Engine, they’ve eliminated all of that and write one message in the software, then send it directly to all employees’ text message inbox where it’s guaranteed to be seen.

"It saves me time & it’s effective. It’s beneficial for HR because not only does it combine recruiting and the 30-60-90 day onboarding process, the text tool is incredibly useful for communication. Even just grouping employees by work function to communicate with them - I can’t create those same kinds of groups nearly as easily in Microsoft Outlook. And then when they’re terminated, I don’t have to worry about going back in and removing them from different sending groups. It helps improve HR functions as a whole."
Alexis Martin
HR Coordinator, Mazza Recycling Services

Feature #1

Central Hub for All Hiring Communication & Tracking

Team Engine's centralized messaging hub keeps work-related communications off of Alexis' personal device and on her work computer, where they belong. It's also faster & easier to type messages on her computer than on her phone.

Feature #2

Text Message Communication with Applicants & Employees

Mazza’s labor force includes people with disabilities, ex-offenders reentering the workforce, immigrants and other types of nontraditional workers—all of whom prefer to be contacted via text, as opposed to phone calls and email.

Feature #3

Employee Language Preferences & Notifications

Team Engine’s employee records include a field for each person’s preferred language and alert Alexis when translations may be necessary. Now all employees get the same message at the same time, and in a format they can understand.

All recruiting software offers the same thing. The ability to text with applicants and employees was the differentiator for me. I have managers who never sit at their desk for the majority of their work week, so texting was a game changer for us.
Alexis Martin
HR Coordinator, Mazza Recycling Services

Start Texting With Your Employees & Applicants Today for a More Engaged Workforce Tomorrow

Make it easy for your blue-collar personnel to communicate with you by meeting them on the channel they prefer most: text messaging. Make it easy for you to communicate with them by using Team Engine’s texting software with automations, surveys, language preferences & more.