Case Study

Streamlining Recruitment and Onboarding:

How Communication Automation Transformed Staffing at Stonehenge of Utah



  • How to support hiring managers in organizations without dedicated recruiters
  • How to use automated text messages to screen, interview and hire candidates faster
  • How to use automated text messages to ensure new hires have filed all required documentation and licensing


  • Text messaging software and/or automation software (like Team Engine) that can trigger messages based on events (such as confirming an interview or hitting certain milestones in an employee’s tenure)


stonehenge of american fork

Stonehenge of American Fork Utah

Industry: Healthcare

(post-hospitalization care and rehabilitation)



CNA Staffing Coordinator



Site Administrator



At Stonehenge of American Fork Utah, Kerri is in charge of keeping a full roster of CNAs at all times. Unfortunately, the CNA position sees a lot of turnover due to the physically grueling nature of the work and the demanding schedule that comes with it.

Not to mention, this is one of many priorities on Kerri’s plate in addition to planning and managing the CNA schedule, which Kerrie’s boss Kacie says is “a beast in itself.” Kerrie also assists with patients on the floor when needed, and helps with education for CNA staff.

Through no fault of her own, Kerri was struggling to stay on top of hiring and onboarding the way that she would and could if she were a dedicated recruiter.

Key Hiring Challenge:

Engaging Applicants Quickly

Kerri was getting bogged down with applications to review, and she wasn’t getting back to candidates quickly as a result.

Once she did get around to reviewing applications, actually reaching a candidate was her primary problem, largely because most people don’t answer a phone call from a number they don’t recognize and they don’t check their email regularly.

Key Onboarding Challenge:

Testing / Filing License <120 Days Post-Hire

After each new successful hire, Kerri’s work is only half done because CNAs are required to complete an exam and post their license to the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry. If this step isn’t completed within 120 days of being hired, the employee must be removed from the schedule. 

Not only was it an inconvenience to the employee to suddenly be removed from the schedule, that hole in the schedule created additional staffing burdens for Kerri. Even worse, when employees missed the deadline and Stonehenge wasn’t aware, it put them at risk of being out of compliance with their regulations.



THE SOLUTION: Communication Automation

Team Engine’s communication platform gave Kerri the tools she needed to automate nearly every step in these two problematic processes.

Hiring Solution

Kerri lets Team Engine handle the most time-consuming and time-sensitive pieces of the hiring process so she doesn’t get bogged down in the monotony:

  • Automated resume review to put the most qualified applicants on top of the stack for her to review
  • Automated pre-screening communication with applicants to confirm qualifications & actual interest in the job
  • Automated interview scheduling, confirmation and reminders to make sure candidates show up

Once we say we're interested in someone, Team Engine starts to take over communication. We don't even really have to think about it. Then, if we don’t get a response from them, we know that they're not really interested in the job.

Kerri, CNA Staffing Coordinator

Stonehenge of Utah

automated text message reminder for CNAs to file their certification

Onboarding Solution

Team Engine’s employee message automation tools automatically send text messages or emails to employees and/or supervisors around key milestones in their tenure. Even better, these automations can be segmented and customized for subsets of the employee population.

For example, Stonehenge needed to remind new CNAs about filing their license with the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry, so they set up a notification for both the employee and their supervisor after 60 days of employment, and again at the 120 day deadline.

automated onboarding and engagement

Stonehenge has also used Team Engine’s communication platform to automate onboarding messages and other types of engagement that are applicable to the entire organization, not just the CNAs.

Here, you can see automations turned on for a 30-day feedback survey, a reminder on their annual evaluation and a congratulatory text message on their work anniversary, as well as a reminder email to the employee's supervisor to congratulate them.



As the CNA Staffing Coordinator, Kerri appreciates that Team Engine assists her with the tedious and time-sensitive things she has to remember to do to stay fully staffed for the high turnover CNA position. 


This has freed her up to focus on other priorities that need her attention and personal touch, like honoring her team’s scheduling requests and assisting the CNAs on the floor. And because the new CNAs are getting their filings done on time, Kerrie is able to keep them all on the schedule, thus reducing new employee turnover.


We all have a million things we're trying to do during the day, so it's easy to forget to follow up with applicants. I love the automated part of the application process where it just communicates with applicants for me so I don't have to remember.

Kerri, CNA Staffing Coordinator

Stonehenge of Utah


As the administrator at Stonehenge, Kerri’s boss Kacie loves using Team Engine’s employee communication platform to get important messages out to the entire staff without worrying about those messages getting lost in an endless feed of operational messages in an app, or in an infrequently checked email inbox.


Kacie also loves having high-level visibility to all hiring activities across all departments. She always knows what’s happening without her staff having to loop her in, and she’s easily able to step in to assist when needed.



Sign up for a risk-free Team Engine trial today to start streamlining your hiring process & internal communications just like Kacie did at Stonehenge.

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