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In the recruitment cycle, application screening is the process of reviewing job applicants’ resumes and cover letters to shortlist eligible candidates. We understand that application screening is time-consuming. With the right tool, though, recruiters can automate and speed up application screening to get a qualified talent pool more quickly and efficiently. 

During application screening, companies should make quick decisions on job applications and resumes to decide which applicants are most qualified to enter the next stage of the recruitment cycle. Recruiters and hiring managers need to pick qualified applications that best suit the minimum qualifications, skill-set, and experience mentioned in the job description while eliminating unqualified applicants. 

Simplify hiring with Team Engine!

Applicant Missing Work History

Automate Your Screening Process

Automate the applicant screening process with Team Engine software, designed for those who recruit and hire deskless workforces. Gone are the days of manually reviewing resumes and applications line by line, one at a time. Team Engine auto-screens resumes based on keywords, commute time, experience, licenses and certifications, and history of job-hopping. The applicant tracking system automates the recruitment workflow, improves efficiency, and helps you select the right application.

Screen candidates to build your local applicant pool for each job posting, then reduce time-to-hire by scheduling phone interviews and video interviews for the right talent only.

Easily Send Skills Tests

Easily Send Skill Tests

The skill test is an accurate indicator of the job applicant’s work performance so that you can make the best hiring decision. With Team Engine, you can distribute electronic skill tests via text or email that will take you to a webpage for the candidate to complete the assessment.

You can then determine which candidates have the most accurate responses and move them forward to the next phase in the hiring process.

update job postings at the click of a button

Update Job Postings with a Click of a Button

Once you input a job description, Team Engine will automatically post it to job boards. A minor change in the job requirement necessitates an update to the job posting immediately. Forgot to add relevant keywords or other information that can affect the recruitment process? Just update your job description within Team Engine to have it automatically updated on all job boards.

Team Engine makes it easy for job aggregators to get the job posting in front of active job seekers to get your jobs in front of the right talent. 

Applicant Filtering

Organize Your Job Applicants’ Resumes

It can be difficult to keep track of a high volume of resumes and applications. One way to cut through the noise is to filter out resumes that don’t match the requirements in your job description. Team Engine’s resume screening features not only check what’s been submitted, but also look for what’s missing and automatically follow up with the applicant to ask for the incomplete information. Then, Team Engine keeps track of it all—the resume, as well as all communication with the applicant—in one place, on the candidate’s profile in the software.

Have All Documents in One Place

Have All Your Documents in One Place

Application screening is a lengthy process. Although recruiters and hiring managers need to handle multiple documents related to background checks, cover letters, pre-interview questions, and reference checks, Team Engine makes it easier for you with:

  • Automated interest confirmation texts, which prevent you from wasting time on unresponsive candidates
  • Automatic license/certification and required experience checks based on your job requirements
  • Potential relocation label based on applicant home address and job location
Applicant Screening - Customers Love Team Engine

Customers Love Team Engine

Team Engine is a recruitment software that enables businesses to reach the untapped talent pool and hire top candidates.

Automate the application screening process by leveraging the best tool that helps your HR teams to pick skillful resumes that match your job description. 

Team Engine is your comprehensive recruitment partner that empowers you through all the phases of the selection process—from job posting to screening to hiring the right talent. 

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Boost Your Applicant Screening Process with Team Engine

Team Engine integrates seamlessly with your existing recruitment platform and helps you select the right talent. To target the most qualified applicants, simplify application screening to speed up your time-to-hire and onboarding.

Whether you are hiring for construction, landscaping, manufacturing, distribution, or any other blue-collar industry, Team Engine helps. 

To learn more about automating your application screening process, sign up for a Team Engine demo and 7-day free trial.

What you’ll get:

  • Job listings on top job boards 
  • More responsive employee referral portal 
  • AI-powered, keyword-rich sourcing for each job listing
  • Automated application screening to pick best-fit talent
  • 1:1 texting, real-time surveys, and announcements
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