Automated Candidate Sourcing


Skilled candidates are hard to find. Stop spending hours on job boards digging through resumes for qualified applicants. Automate candidate sourcing both on and off of job boards. Hire top talent by only recruiting the best candidates, even if they already have jobs and are not looking for a change.

Target the right talent based on their skill set. Streamline your talent acquisition process with Team Engine’s data-driven candidate sourcing solution

Targeted Hiring Ads to find passive applicants

Perform Outreach to Qualified Candidates

Source the best candidates quickly. Team Engine runs smart, targeted ads in the background to put competitive jobs in front of ideal candidates who are eligible but currently not looking for new work. Scale your talent pipeline and streamline the hiring cycle. 

Qualified passive candidates may not be active on professional job boards. Reach them where they are on social media and promote your job requirements.

Hiring process improvements and automation

Get the Power of a Recruiting Team with Our Sourcing Tools

Team Engine’s automation takes hundreds of tasks off your plate, without you lifting a finger. Manage and update your job board listings in real-time and analyze the profiles of potential candidates on similar job openings to optimize your job listing and attract talent.

Automate tasks by analyzing data-driven metrics and make changes to the recruitment cycle to retrieve better hiring outcomes.


Team Engine is the best investment my company has made. I love that whenever we need an applicant, we can go to Team Engine; it has taken the difficulty out of sifting through candidates. And it's easy to use. Before, we had to go through different websites to look for candidates. Team Engine lumps these resources altogether for us and saves us so much time.

Christine W.

Southwest Cleaning (janitorial)


Streamline Your Employee Referral Program

Deliver the best candidate experience through your employee referral program to reduce cost per hire, improve employee engagement, and speed up the overall sourcing process. Team Engine’s referral automation feature easily reminds employees about your in-house referral program so that you get faster access to pre-screened applicants. 

Data Driven Applicant Sourcing

Implement the Most Effective Sourcing Strategies

Team Engine's candidate sourcing engine allows you to find talent with the most relevant skill set. Highlight and track key applicants with customizable skills tags. Track rejection reasons to help optimize future job postings.

Team Engine dashboards will help you understand which jobs are performing well on which platform, and what open positions need further optimization.


Customers Love Team Engine

Team Engine’s application tracking system is an intelligent hiring assistant that automates your talent acquisition strategy to help you source the right candidate profiles. Employ your trusted AI-powered talent search engine to get a competitive advantage in hiring skilled and diverse talent.


Team Engine is providing me with considerably more candidates than I was getting through our ATS alone. The sponsorships with Indeed seem to work much more seamlessly. I also love the automations.

Stephanie R.
Olympic Eagle (trucking & distribution)

Team Engine allowed our small business to be more proactive in sourcing applicants. We were fully staffed at the start of our season with the most talented team in history because evaluating the applicants and interacting with them was easy and quick.

Toni K.
Shades of Green (landscaping)

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Upgrade Your Recruiting Process with Team Engine

Team Engine is designed to help recruiters and HR teams find and hire the best-fit competitive talent for growing teams. Sign up for a full week of free access to Team Engine features and functions to get:

  • Job listings on top job boards 
  • More responsive employee referral portal 
  • AI-powered, keyword-rich sourcing for each job listing
  • Automated application screening to pick great candidates
  • 1:1 texting, real-time surveys, and announcements
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