Text Message Surveys


Automatically send surveys to employees via text and email to get quick responses. Whether you want to send onboarding surveys to new hires, exit surveys to previous employees, or collect feedback from current employees, Team Engine helps. Texting surveys to employees via shortcodes even promotes higher engagement and better completion rates. 

Automated Onboarding Surveys

A Cost-effective Way to Gather Valuable Feedback

Team Engine sends surveys by text message so that recipients can respond from their mobile devices. Team Engine users can view responses instantly as soon as they come in. The user-friendly interface is easy to use for all levels of technological experience.

Since all survey messages are text-based, no smartphone, app download, or internet access is needed by recipients to view or respond. Expect higher and faster response rates, and even send automated reminders to recipients who haven't responded yet. 

Create and Use Templates to Send Text Message Surveys to Employees

Create and Use Templates

Create a custom survey based on your specific needs. Use pre-defined templates to design and send surveys to on-site employees, as well as your field teams. Launch new hire surveys and exit surveys easily with Team Engine’s survey software. 

Draft surveys that occur automatically on a set time frame, such as monthly and quarterly surveys. Select a pre-designed template or create your own for sending new surveys to gather feedback and input from employees.


Our favorite part of Team Engine has been the ability to text with our deskless employees. Being in a manufacturing environment, getting in front of our employees on the shop floor was difficult. Team Engine's text, automation, and survey features have solved our onboarding and engagement issues, which has reduced turnover and increased visibility.

Ryan C.

O'Neal Steel (manufacturing)

Ask Multiple Choice Questions on Surveys

Ask Multiple Choice Questions to Increase Response Rate

Create questions with multiple choice answers that are easy to answer, which boosts engagement. Survey questions that are short and simple are more likely to encourage respondents to participate. 

Team Engine’s survey questions are sent one at a time over text messages, which makes it quick and easy to reply, resulting in a higher response rate. Multiple choice questions are mobile-friendly and easy to answer, so employees can respond right away from their mobile phones. 

Survey Results in Real Time

See Survey Responses in Real-time

Gather real-time responses via SMS with automated surveys. Deliver a unique experience to all the respondents participating in text surveys. Give respondents the freedom and flexibility to respond to survey questions anytime, anywhere. 

Real-time insights help identify issues quickly to make data-driven decisions. Use survey responses to respond to feedback and improve the company culture, which will result in retaining more employees. 

Stay Up-To-Date With All Your Employees

Stay Up-to-Date With All Your Employees

Surveys are a great way to listen to your employees. Create surveys to let your team share their thoughts on their experiences at work. Responses from a current employee will help you improve the experience for your next new hire. 

Keep in sync with your teams across departments and locations. Implement their suggestions and ideas to enhance the employee experience for both current and future team members. Empower your staff to share problems that would otherwise be left unshared and unnoticed without Team Engine’s text message survey tool.

Team Engine Text Message Surveys

Customers Love Team Engine

Team Engine’s text message survey feature helps HR and business owners listen to their employees. Sending online surveys and recording responses helps management take necessary actions towards ongoing improvement. 

Send bulk SMS surveys to the entire contact list in a single go. Get real-time responses and take quick actions to improve the work culture for employees and their teammates. 

Take advantage of pre-designed templates for sending quick SMS text surveys, or build custom multiple-choice questions to gather feedback and responses in real-time. Share survey links by texting employees’ phone numbers. 

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Connect with Your Teams Using Team Engine’s SMS Surveys

Use Team Engine to get valuable feedback and suggestions from employees and new hires. Record survey data in real-time and implement best practices to improve operations across all departments. 

Sign up for a free demo and seven-day trial to give Team Engine’s text message survey feature a try. In addition to those survey results, you’ll get full access to the software including:

  • Job listings on top job boards 
  • More responsive employee referral portal 
  • Keyword-rich sourcing for each job listing
  • Automated application screening to pick best-fit talent
  • 1:1 texting, real-time surveys, and announcements 
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