Texting-Based Employee Surveys

Automatically send surveys to employees by text and email to quickly get responses. Whether onboarding surveys to new employees, exit surveys to understand why people left, or day-to-day surveys to teams to collect feedback or information, Team Engine's survey tool is easy to use, automated, and fast.

Automated Onboarding Surveys

Automated Onboarding and Exit Surveys to Identify Issues Quickly

Team Engine will automatically send onboarding and exit surveys by text and email to employees when they're hired (and have worked a given number of days) or after they've quit or are fired.

Create a Text Employee Survey

Text-Based Surveys to Employees that Get Instant Responses

Team Engine's surveys are delivered by text message and email, and recipients respond directly from their phones. You'll immediately see responses as they come in on easy to use interface.

All messages are text-based—no smart phone, app download, or internet access required—so you can expect higher and faster response rates across the board. Plus, it's simple to send automated reminders to everyone who hasn't responded. 

Texting Employee Surveys to Groups

Collaborate with Teams in the Office and in the Field, Instantly

From ordering uniforms and conducting safety surveys to coordinating shift changes and announcing weather delays, Team Engine's surveys can easily be targeted to any group of workers. You just select the recipients, type in your message, and collect responses.  

Start Connecting. Start Growing.

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