Manager Notes on Employees

8 copy-and-paste templates for tracking manager notes, observations & feedback on employees.

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Why Keeping Employee Notes Matters

Whether you have one direct report or 20, good employee coaching requires detailed notes about their performance and goals, as well as their progression towards those goals. These are important details that you shouldn’t leave up to your memory to keep track of.

  • Keep employees engaged with new challenges and growth opportunities.
  • Develop rapport & instill a sense of belonging
  • Earn trust through accountability
  • Improve & streamline the performance review process

Types of Notes to Keep in Employee Records

Every organization has different needs, but here are the most common types of manager notes to keep in an employee file:

  • Performance reviews and feedback from managers
  • Disciplinary actions or warnings distributed
  • Accomplishments and awards received
  • Training or certifications obtained  
  • Attendance records and absences
  • Specific project details or responsibilities
  • Goals and objectives agreed upon during performance planning
  • Professional development plans or aspirations
  • Important conversations or agreements with the employee

Ready to get started?

Documenting employee performance and conduct in a consistent format will keep the information organized so it can be found and used in the future.

That’s why we recommend using our copy-and-paste templates. They can be dropped into a Word or Google Doc, or in any free-form text box on your digital employee record.

templates for manager notes on employees in your HRIS or workforce management software