Solving Construction Productivity Issues

Watch our webinar recording for insights and advice on improving construction productivity through targeted and intentional project leadership development.

The biggest issues in construction project management all have the same solution: strong leadership.

If it sounds too simple to be true, you’re right. Kind of.

That’s because “stronger leadership” isn’t something you can fix overnight. It’s not something you can solve with a new hire, or with new technology. You can’t outsource the problem to a consultant either, because the change that is needed has to come from within the organization.

Cultivating a Project Culture

It all starts with the organization’s leadership and their conscious decision to create a project culture, which is the “shared norms, beliefs, values, and assumptions of the project team.”

When project leaders don’t have a strong sense of culture for the teams they’re leading (including individual communication styles and how to appeal to them), their productivity begins to drop almost immediately resulting in problems such as:

Difficulty acquiring repeat business

Without a strong project culture, clients may hesitate to engage in repeat business. Trust and confidence are built on successful project delivery, and a lack of cohesion within the project team can erode these crucial foundations.

Poor project team performance resulting in profit fade

The performance of a project team is directly tied to the strength of leadership and the established project culture. Weak leadership can lead to subpar team performance, resulting in profit fade as projects fall short of expectations.

Adversarial relationships among the project team

In the absence of a cohesive project culture, conflicts and adversarial relationships can emerge among team members. This not only hampers productivity but also creates a negative work environment that can impact the overall success of the project.

Lack of accountability in quality and safety

A strong project culture instills a sense of responsibility and accountability among team members. Without it, the commitment to quality and safety may waver, leading to potential risks and setbacks.

Poor schedule performance

Timely project delivery is a hallmark of successful construction management. However, without a well-defined project culture promoting efficiency and collaboration, schedules may suffer, causing delays and disruptions.

How can the construction industry tackle these challenges and foster strong leadership? The answer (or at least, some portion of it) can be found in our webinar, “Improving Construction Productivity Through Project Leadership Development.”

In the recording, we delve into the very heart of construction project management, offering insights, strategies, and practical approaches to cultivate strong leadership and establish a robust project culture. Industry experts Dan Silvert and Matt Webster share their experience from Velocity Advisory Group, providing actionable steps that organizations can take to transform their approach to construction projects.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize the productivity of your construction projects. Watch the webinar recording (original air date: January 31, 2024) to take the first step toward building a future where strong leadership is the cornerstone of project success, or learn more in our webinar recap here.

Your projects deserve it, and so does your bottom line.

Webinar On-Demand: Solving Construction Productivity Issues


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