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Danielle Riha
June 22, 2022

As of May 2022, we’re facing a 62.3% labor force participation rate, which is down almost 5% from just 20 years ago. With a smaller supply of labor, comes increased demand and competition for that labor.

But if you’re an employer looking to hire right now, you already know that.

When it comes to hiring in today’s labor market, what used to work 20 years ago simply won’t anymore… or at least it won’t work nearly as well as it once did. That’s because everyone has caught up and are all following the same industry-recommended best practices.

So what else is there? What can you do that your competitors aren’t doing to find the labor you need? The answer lies in redefining what makes someone “qualified” for the job.

Grow The Bench’s Neal Glatt says that “savvy businesses are recruiting those who wouldn’t otherwise work—people who are officially retired, in school, or otherwise not actively looking for work.” This is often known as having an open hiring policy i.e. hiring people based on their ability to work, not their past.

Before you write off the idea as absurd, or as one that couldn’t possibly work for your organization, take 30 minutes to listen to Neal Glatt (who used this exact approach himself to hire hundreds of snow shovelers in another life) talk about how to make the shift.

It’s easier than you think, and more effective than you could ever imagine.

Sign-up for the 45-minute webinar on-demandto learn:

  • Current labor market & economic forces impacting your ability to hire
  • The “opening hiring” concept and experience
  • How to sell developmental opportunity as a benefit to working at your organization
  • Technology you can leverage for hiring success & simplicity
  • How to manage for growth and retention

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