HVAC Hiring Tips & Interview Questions

Find top-tier HVAC technicians with these hiring tips and interview questions that will help you find skilled candidates in a competitive market.

If hiring top-tier HVAC technicians is your goal, you’re in the same boat as many HVAC business owners facing the challenge of finding skilled candidates in a competitive market. The HVAC field, with over 400,000 job openings predicted in the next decade, presents a promising landscape for job seekers. HVAC business owners, on the other hand, must fill various roles, from apprentices to service technicians, installers, and sales positions.

Why HVAC? A Career Worth Exploring

Choosing a career in HVAC offers a unique path, with the potential to earn around $50,000, potentially growing into a six-figure income with a few years of training and on-the-job experience. Unlike hefty college debts, HVAC service technicians can forge a successful career through hands-on experience and continuous learning.

Ann Matheis, Associate Director of Brand Marketing at Carrier, emphasizes the array of opportunities in HVAC, stating, “New recruits can start as a tech, learn the business, then go into sales, marketing, or business ownership.” This versatility makes the HVAC industry stand out against conventional four-year degree routes.

At Work With Your Handz, our commitment is to assist HVAC professionals and contractors in the skilled trades by helping them grow their businesses with highly qualified technicians. We’ve curated a list of 23 interview questions categorized into various aspects to help you find the best-fit candidates for your expanding team.

1. General HVAC Technician Interview Questions

Why do you want to work in the HVAC industry?

Understanding a candidate’s motivation and communication skills reveals their commitment and passion for the HVAC field.

What do you know about our HVAC company?

Assessing whether a candidate took the time to research your company demonstrates their level of interest and proactiveness.

Why are you looking for a new opportunity?

Dig into the candidate’s motivations, ensuring they align with your company’s core values and long-term goals.

What previous experience and/or training makes you qualified for this particular HVAC job?

Explore the candidate’s expertise, training, licenses, and certifications relevant to the HVAC role you’re hiring for.

Why did you leave your previous job, and why do you want to work with us?

Understanding the reasons for leaving previous positions and motivations for joining your company helps gauge compatibility.

Do you have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record?

For technicians using company vehicles, this question ensures compliance with necessary requirements.

Can you email us a list of references?

Assess the candidate’s written communication skills and their promptness in following instructions.

2. Behavioral/Situational Job Interview Questions

Describe a specific HVAC job where you sacrificed safety for speed.

Evaluate the candidate’s commitment to safety and their ability to prioritize it over speed.

In previous HVAC jobs, did you ever turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied customer?

Assess the candidate’s customer service skills and their capacity to handle challenging situations effectively.

A customer expresses anger or frustration over a bill. How do you respond?

Gauge the candidate’s approach to customer relations and problem-solving under stressful circumstances.

What safety violations do you see most often, and how would you prevent them?

Evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of HVAC safety protocols and their proactive approach to preventing safety violations.

Here’s a specific HVAC job scenario. Explain your process for handling the call.

Assess the candidate’s technical and problem-solving skills by having them walk through their approach to a specific HVAC job.

3. Technical Skills Questions

What does BTU/CAV/AHU mean?

Evaluate the candidate’s understanding of common HVAC acronyms and their ability to communicate technical concepts.

What is cooling or heating load, and how do you calculate it?

Assess the candidate’s grasp of HVAC load calculations, crucial for determining heating and cooling requirements.

What are the different ways heat can be lost or gained?

Evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of the fundamental principles related to heat transfer in HVAC systems.

What is relative humidity, saturation point, and the relative humidity at saturation point?

Assess the candidate’s understanding of humidity concepts, vital for explaining HVAC systems to customers.

What is the difference between a heat pump, heating, and refrigeration?

Evaluate the candidate’s comprehension of HVAC systems and their ability to communicate technical information.

4. Technology & Tools Questions

How do you view mobile technology and its role in the future of the HVAC industry?

Assess the candidate’s awareness of technological trends in the HVAC industry and their openness to using mobile technology.

What is your experience with using mobile technology on the job?

Understand the candidate’s comfort level with using mobile technology in field service and communication.

After diagnosing the problem, what tools have you used to explain options to a customer?

Evaluate the candidate’s experience with using tools, including HVAC software, to communicate effectively with customers.

5. Payroll Questions to Ask in an HVAC Interview

What are your wage expectations?

Understand the candidate’s salary expectations, ensuring alignment with your company’s budget and industry standards.

Have you ever worked for a company that uses performance-based pay?

Gauge the candidate’s familiarity with performance-based pay structures and their comfort level with such systems.

What are your expectations for bonuses or SPIFs?

Understand the candidate’s expectations regarding bonuses or special performance incentives.

Building a Strong HVAC Team with Work With Your Handz

At Work With Your Handz, we understand the challenges of finding and retaining top HVAC talent. In addition to asking insightful interview questions, utilizing a recruiting agency like Work With Your Handz can help you attract and retain top talent, streamline operations, and contribute to the growth of your HVAC business.

Ready to explore how Work With Your Handz can enhance your HVAC business and attract the best technicians? Schedule a call for a free recruitment strategy session today. Let’s build a future where your HVAC team thrives and your business excels!

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