What Is Hiring Automation?

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The average time from an applicant submitting an application to being interviewed is 23.8 days according to Glassdoor. Imagine just how many jobs an applicant is submitting in that timeframe, just waiting on someone to call them back. Often, the first company to schedule an interview is the one that gets the candidate in the door, reducing the downtime of the empty role by magnitudes.

What if you could cut that time down to just a few days? How impactful would that be to your company? For most companies, especially those in the blue-collar job sector, the time it takes to fill a job with a quality candidate can make a huge difference in the productivity of the company overall.

In this post, we’ll define what exactly hiring automation is, go over why it is important to your company, and how it can be used to help streamline your hiring process.

What Is Hiring Automation?

Hiring automation can be loosely defined as the process of allowing hiring software to do tasks involved with recruiting that were previously carried out by people.

Most tasks involved with hiring can take up a lot of time, but still need to be completed with each applicant. Having software that can take care of those tasks for you can not only save time but also help your company’s bottom line by getting you more hires, faster.

Why Is Hiring Automation Important?

So, why is automation important for your business’s hiring? It is important because many of the tasks carried out by a recruiter or hiring manager are quite tedious and time-consuming. For instance, one typically has to post their jobs to one of the many job boards, wait for applicants to apply, sift through a stack of applications, qualify or disqualify a candidate, and then reach out to them to schedule an interview; all of which is a process that could take anywhere from a few days to weeks. Time which could be used on more productive activities.

Generally, these are simple straightforward tasks that can be handled efficiently by hiring automation software like Team Engine, whittling down the duration of the recruitment process from nearly a month to just a matter of a couple of days. For a company that is hiring regularly, this can translate into not only meaningful time savings, but also a hiring program where those key activities will happen consistently and automatically.

Team Engine can automatically post and manage multiple job ads on a number of different job boards for you all from one account. Then based on your criteria, that you determine, for the ideal candidate for each position the software will filter out your unqualified applicants, but also rank and sort your applicants so that you will see those top candidates first. Then once you have a stack of qualified applicants, the software then uses smart messaging to reach out to them via text message to coordinate times for interviews.

Susan, an HR Rep at Alliance Beverage, said she “could easily spend an hour just leaving voicemails to applicants.” Now, that hour can be better spent interacting with qualified and responsive candidates who have already engaged with Team Engine's smart messaging system.

How Can Hiring Automation Help Blue-Collar Companies?

Here are a few examples of how hiring automation and smart messaging works.

When an application is received, automated text messages are sent to gather more detail about the applicant's experience, pay expectations, relocation needs, and even why they are interested in the position.

This does two things for you, more information from an applicant will only help you make a decision about whether or not they would be a fit for the role, but also confirms that they are responsive. That way you are walking into a hot conversation that our hiring software has started for you.

The smart messaging system can also confirm your interviews so you know whether you should set that time aside or not. The software will also send out confirmation texts 24 hours and 2 hours before the interview reducing the number of no-shows that you have to deal with.

The bottom line is implementing automation into your hiring process will not only save you time and streamline your hiring process, but also save your company money by hiring quality candidates quicker than the competition.

If you’re curious about automating your hiring process with Team Engine and would like to see an informational demo of our software, sign up to try it risk-free.

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