Exceeding Hiring Goals at Landscapes By Terra

Heather was tired of managing her recruiting efforts in spreadsheets. As the Marketing and Recruiting Manager, she wanted a dashboard that could give her instant visibility to her full hiring pipeline so she could respond to new applicants faster. She also wanted to reduce her spending on job boards and find a solution that integrated with her website and other job boards.

Team Engine helped Heather diversify her applicant sources to drive down her recruiting spend and exceed hiring goals. Even better, she was able to use Team Engine's employee text messaging platform to enhance company culture and strengthen relationships between field workers and office personnel.

At A Glance


No organization or prioritization in hiring pipeline

Disconnect between office and field workers

Small recruiting budget


Reduced job board spend by 63%

Increased employee retention by 35%

Increased employee referrals by 83%

Hire More People, With Less Time & Money

With Team Engine's hiring dashboard, Heather got the visibility she needed to stay on top of communications with engaged applicants across all sources and respond to them faster.

Heather was elated to find incredible time savings with Team Engine's smart filters (to identify job-hoppers and those without required licenses) and intelligent hiring assistant, which automates pre-screening questions to deliver more qualified candidates.

Heather & her team also experienced a higher response rate when they stopped calling and started texting candidates through Team Engine's automated texting platform.

Easy-To-Use Tools Empower Collaborative Hiring

Team Engine's software has allowed Heather's hiring managers to review resumes and decide who to call for interviews, rather than relying on HR to pre-screen and hand off qualified candidates.

With a quick look at the dashboard, Heather can see how candidates are progressing through the pipeline without having to micro-manage the process herself.

Identify Employees Interested in Advancement

When she needed to hire more production managers, instead of just making an external job posting, Heather used Team Engine to send a short survey to employees asking if anyone was interested in becoming a production manager. To her surprise, two employees responded that they were interested, and are now actively being mentored to move into those roles.

If you show that you care and you want to grow with them, I think that's what's going to keep that retention number going up.
Marketing and Recruiting Manager
Landscapes by Terra

Feature #1

Employee Referral Automation

Employees receive text message reminders from Heather about sending in referrals, then they submit their referral's contact information digitally. From there, Team Engine automatically reaches out to start the conversation and tracks the entire process all the way to incentive payout for the referring employee.

Feature #2

Employee & Applicant Text Messaging

Heather says texting has "completely changed the game" when it comes to recruiting and hiring. Her ideal demographic doesn't want to talk on the phone, and often can't because they're already out in the field with machinery running in the background. But they can always respond to a text.

Feature #3

Smart Filters & Automations

Team Engine's smart filters automatically weed out job-hoppers, applicants without required licenses, and other customizable prerequisites. The software then starts the conversation with applicants within minutes or hours of applying and asks clarifying questions about things like experience and commute time.

You have to remember their birthdays. You have to remember their start dates. You have to follow up with them with their first 90 days have passed. That's what shows them you care.
Production Manager
Landscapes by Terra

Start Texting With Your Employees & Applicants Today for a More Engaged Workforce Tomorrow

Make it easy for your blue-collar personnel to communicate with you by meeting them on the channel they prefer most: text messaging. Make it easy for you to communicate with them by using Team Engine’s texting software with automations, surveys, language preferences & more.