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Streamline Your Hiring Process with Recruitment Automation

Hiring just got a whole lot smarter and easier. Our recruitment marketing automation platform is like having a personal hiring guru by your side. 24/7.

Example of hiring automation use case in Team Engine software
Text message automation to an applicant who forgot to fill out their work history

Start Conversations with Qualified Candidates

Recruitment automation is the key to improving the candidate experience and quality of hire. Don’t let your competition beat you to the best talent on the marketplace; instead, keep your top candidates engaged by using communication technology that works.

Team Engine’s recruiting platform allows you to communicate with all job applicants from all sources in one place using text messages - the preferred channel of communication for field workers in industries like landscaping, construction, home services - without using your personal number or device.

One of the easiest platforms I’ve ever used. It automates everything to get the ball rolling with applicant pre-screening and interview scheduling, then I step in and pick up the conversation. I don't know what I would do without it.
Marla Saunders
HR Manager, Apex Plumbing
automatically screen job applicants using Team Engine's applicant screening software

Automated Pre-Screening to Find Qualified Applicants

We pinpoint potential issues right off the bat. High salary hopes? Long treks to work? Missing certifications? Consider them flagged. Then, our talent acquisition software takes the reins, firing off friendly texts and emails to candidates in whatever language they speak to clarify expectations and questions about the position.

Once you’ve found applicants you’re interested in, Team Engine’s Automated Hiring Assistant sends personalized texts and emails at each stage of the hiring process to keep the candidate informed and engaged, and to take all that tedious work off your plate.

Engage Candidates via Automated Outreach

Team Engine’s intelligent hiring assistant finds the most eligible candidates and sends personalized text and email messages to pre-screen for interest level in the job. Questions get answered, doubts get cleared - all while you’ve focused on other, less repetitive tasks like taking care of employees. By the time you’re ready to roll with applicant screening and interviewing, you’re armed with all the info you need. It’s like a backstage pass to better hiring decisions, no stress attached.

text message automation to confirm the applicant's interest in the job - stop getting ghosted by job applicants with hiring automation from Team Engine
I love the automation and streamlining of communication with potential employees. Once someone applies, Team Engine texts them and starts a conversation on my behalf, screening out those applicants that are not responsive.
BJ Taylor
Quality Manager, Southern Valve Service
Team Engine changed the way we communicate. The biggest benefit is automatically text messaging candidates about their interview times; we see more showing up on time and it has improved the way we recruit.
Terrie Melanson
HR Generalist, Critical Systems, Inc.
text message interview confirmation automation in Team Engine

Use Smart Follow-Ups

Send automated alerts and interview reminders to candidates to reduce no-show rates. Interview ghosting is frustrating and among the key issues that recruiting teams face today. Team Engine’s smart follow-ups allow hiring managers to stay updated with candidates without being bogged down in an endless sea of back-and-forth messaging.

Recruitment automation software helps recruiters connect with applicants, remind them of the upcoming interview, and confirm interview venue and location details so that the candidate won’t miss the scheduled interview, resulting in fewer no-shows.

The ability to text applicants about screenings and interviews has been a game-changer for our response rates.
Sarah Cash
Programs Administrator, Boys & Girls Club

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Transform Your Candidate Experience with Team Engine

Tap the untouched talent pool by posting your job ad across key job boards such as ZipRecruiter and Indeed. Reach out to passive candidates on social channels like Facebook and Instagram, even if they are not actively looking for a job change.

To learn how automation tools can streamline your hiring process, contact Team Engine today for a risk-free trial.

What you'll get:

Job listings on top job boards

Employee referral portal

AI-powered, keyword-rich sourcing for each job listing

Automated application screening to pick best-fit talent

Texting & emailing with applicants

Language translation for incoming and outgoing messages

Full support from our customer success team

Team Engine Feature

Hiring Automation

Say goodbye to playing phone tag, getting ghosted, and delays in hiring around every corner and say hello to a streamlined process that actually works.

Find the perfect candidate faster than ever with our recruitment marketing automation software that posts to the best job boards, targets passive candidates, and lets you manage them all from one centralized dashboard. Hire the best talent on the market (before your competitors do) by automating repetitive steps in the recruiting process that eat up your time.

Picking the best of the best shouldn’t be a headache. With just a click, you’ll be saying farewell to those who don’t quite fit the bill (or saving them for later, when it’s a better fit) and welcoming the ones who do. Keep candidates in the loop with personalized texts and emails that let them know where they stand. It’s like having your own hiring assistant working around the clock.

Ready to step into the future of hiring? Team Engine is here to make it happen. Let’s simplify hiring together.

FAQs About Hiring Automation

What are the benefits of automated hiring?

Automated hiring solutions streamline recruitment pipelines, significantly reducing the time to hire. This unmatched efficiency is largely due to their ability to sift through vast volumes of resumes in considerably less time than a human can. Hiring automation software can also keep applicants engaged through automated communication triggered by applicant dates or milestones in the hiring funnel.

By integrating automated hiring tools, businesses are increasingly demonstrating their adaptability to evolution in hiring technology. This adaptability is accompanied by an ability to hire candidates faster, a pressing need in industries grappling with high turnover and competitive markets. These systems function as efficient conduits not only shortening hiring cycles but also enabling prompt applicant responses, thereby securing top-tier candidates before they are hired elsewhere.

What can you automate in the recruitment process?

Candidate Sourcing: The advent of AI and machine learning has enabled recruitment tools to actively search for prospective candidates, matching job descriptions with potential employee profiles. This not only saves time but also aids in keeping a diverse talent pool.

Applicant Tracking: Automation can handle large volumes of applications, sorting them based on specific parameters. This eliminates the need for manual sorting, thereby reducing the chances of overlooking a promising candidate.

Recruitment Marketing: By automating tasks like posting job advertisements, scheduling social media posts, or sending personalized messages, recruiters can focus on fostering relationships, nurturing talent and building a strong employer brand.

Candidate Experience: Automated systems enable real-time updates about an application's status, resulting in a transparent and efficient process.

While automation enhances efficiency, simultaneously, recruiters need to understand that it cannot and should not replace human interaction entirely. Forging human connections, understanding cultural fit, and assessing soft skills remain integral parts of the recruitment process that require a human touch. Thus, while considering what can you automate in the recruitment process, maintaining a balance between automated and human-led processes is crucial.

What is automation in hiring?

Automation in hiring is a transformative technology that streamlines the recruitment process, making it more efficient and less prone to human error. Embracing automation can significantly reduce administrative load and provide more timely and accurate decisions in the hiring workflow. When utilized well, automation in hiring provides a robust, efficient, and streamlined method for sourcing and hiring talent.

One aspect of hiring automation is the practice of automated candidate sourcing. This involves utilizing algorithms and predictive analytics to identify, engage, and assess potential candidates. It's a high-tech solution that uses data to find the best fit for a position, often resulting in a higher-quality pool of applicants. This approach maximizes the recruitment team's productivity by reducing the time spent on manual search and filtering candidates.

Another element of automation that is streamlining hiring processes is the functionality to pre-screen applicants. This involves using an algorithm to scan a candidate's application or resume, searching for specific keywords or phrases that match the job description. This system assists in filtering out under-qualified applicants, allowing recruiters to focus their efforts on the most promising candidates.

Interview scheduling, another time-consuming step in the hiring process, can also be automated. Using smart scheduling software, recruiters and hiring managers specify their availability, and the system takes care of scheduling interviews. This significantly accelerates the process and diminishes the likelihood of scheduling conflicts.

Additionally, automation can even play a crucial role in employee referrals — one of the most effective methods of sourcing new hires. Referral programs can be automated, enabling current employees to easily refer potential candidates, track their application progress, and receive referral bonuses if their referee is hired.

What is a recruitment marketing tool?

Recruitment marketing tools are software platforms that support the business to maintain a steady recruitment pipeline by leveraging marketing tactics. They seek to foster a strong employer brand, cultivate candidate relationships, and ultimately affect higher quality talent. Recruitment automation tools play a significant role in reducing manual tasks, thus saving time and improving efficiency. They can seamlessly manage job postings, resume screening, candidate communication, and more.

These tools aim to optimize the recruitment process by marrying traditional marketing strategies with human resource management. By using such, companies can better predict their hiring needs and align those with an action plan to attract suitable candidates. Vital in an era where the competition for top-level talent is increasingly fierce, recruitment marketing tools enhance an organization's abilities in talent acquisition.

What is AI used for in hiring?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming a useful tool in the hiring process. The application of AI in this particular realm serves to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of selection mechanisms. AI allows companies to effectively streamline the candidate screening process, bolster interview techniques, and refine talent acquisition strategies.

The utilization of AI in hiring offers several advantages. Primarily, it assists organizations in identifying suitable candidates by efficiently parsing through various user profiles and matching them to the job requirements. This feature automates the process of screening applicants, therefore saving valuable time and resources. Furthermore, AI has the capacity to analyze countless data points to predict potential candidates' job performance.

AI refines talent acquisition strategies by providing valuable insights into the labor market. This technology can identify and analyze trends, which can shape and inform recruitment strategies for a more intentional and targeted approach. Specifically, it aids in understanding which skills are in demand, where the talent is located, and what job seekers are looking for in a potential role.