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Discover the power of Team Engine, your partner in simplifying hiring for the real world. We get it – you're in the business of hard work and hands-on tasks, and that's why our recruitment automation software is designed to work seamlessly with your existing HRIS.

Picture this: no more drowning in paperwork or getting lost in the hiring maze. With Team Engine, you're in control. Let us take the weight off your shoulders by automating those repetitive tasks that eat up your time. Say goodbye to the hiring hustle and hello to a streamlined process that actually works.

Find the perfect candidate faster than ever with our automated hiring assistant that scours through the best job boards, bringing you the cream of the crop. We'll even help you tap into those passive candidates lurking on social media.

Picking the best of the best shouldn't be a headache. With just a click, you'll be saying farewell to those who don't quite fit the bill (or saving them for later, when it's a better fit) and welcoming the ones who do. Keep candidates in the loop with personalized texts and emails that let them know where they stand. It's like having your own hiring assistant working around the clock.

Ready to step into the future of hiring? Team Engine is here to make it happen. Let's simplify together.

Streamline Your Hiring Process with Recruitment Automation

Streamline Your Hiring Process with Recruitment Automation

Hiring just got a whole lot smarter, and easier. Our Intelligent Hiring Assistant is like having a personal hiring guru by your side, 24/7.

We pinpoint application pain points right off the bat. High salary hopes? Long treks to work? Missing certifications? Consider them flagged. Then, our talent acquisition software takes the reins, firing off friendly texts and emails to candidates. Questions get answered, doubts get cleared - all while you're focused on other, less repetitive tasks like taking care of employees. By the time you're ready to roll with applicant screening, you're armed with all the info you need. It's like a backstage pass to better hiring decisions, no stress attached.

Start Conversations with Qualified Candidatesent Automation

Start Conversations with Qualified Candidates

Recruitment automation is the key to improving the candidate experience and quality of hire. Machine learning algorithms schedule interviews with qualified candidates by automatically evaluating their experience, qualifications, skill set, and other attributes. 

Team Engine streamlines recruitment workflow and automates interview scheduling by carefully screening candidate profiles. The recruiting platform helps the hiring managers quickly examine a high-volume of resumes, then schedule interviews with top applicants in the talent pool, ultimately improving hiring decisions overall.  


We have gotten great candidates through Team Engine. The automated texting helps to keep candidates engaged. I have very few candidates that don't answer for their phone screens, and so far no one that has no showed for an interview.

Stephanie R.

Olympic Eagle (trucking & distribution)

Automated Pre-Screening to Find Qualified Applicants

Automated Pre-screening to Find Qualified Applicants

Once you've found applicants you're interested in, Team Engine's  Automated Hiring Assistant will send personalized texts and emails at each stage of the hiring process. These messages will look and feel like a message you manually sent and be completely customized, but you don't have to send them from your personal phone or email.  

Engage Candidates via Automated Outreach

Engage Candidates via Automated Outreach

Team Engine’s intelligent hiring assistant finds the most eligible candidates and sends personalized text and email messages to keep them up-to-date at each phase of the hiring process. Chatbots can even notify you when a message reaches the inbox or mailbox of targeted job seekers. 

This kind of automated outreach streamlines communication and helps in candidate relationship management. And since the software works alongside your existing HRIS platform, hiring managers don’t have to use their personal phone numbers to send text message communication.  


Our most successful season ever! After using Team Engine, we had more applicants than ever before. Interacting with them was fast and easy. We started our peak season fully staffed with highly qualified talent. After they were hired, using Team Engine to communicate with our Spanish and English-speaking staff was highly effective.

Toni K.
Shades of Green (landscaping)

The best recruiting software available. Team engine not only helps with recruiting, but improves our culture. The automations are amazing and have reduced our time to interview, communicate, and hire. It streamlines our hiring process and gives everyone visibility into our recruting and what status all candidates are in.

Mike B.
Bella's Lawn & Landscape
Use Smart Follow-Ups - Interview Confirmation Text

Use Smart Follow-Ups

Send automated alerts and interview reminders to candidates to reduce no-show rates. Interview ghosting is frustrating and among the key issues that recruiting teams face today. Team Engine’s smart follow-ups allow hiring managers to stay updated with candidates without being bogged down in an endless sea of back-and-forth messaging.

Recruitment automation software helps recruiters connect with applicants, remind them of the upcoming interview, and confirm interview venue and location details so that the candidate won’t miss the scheduled interview. This results in fewer no-shows. 

Hiring Automation Software

Customers Love Team Engine

Team Engine’s Intelligent Hiring Assistant automates the screening process and accelerates workflow by eliminating manual tasks that are time-consuming. By streamlining candidate sourcing, the automation tool allows recruiters to focus on more intense tasks.

The software helps companies recruit top candidates from the talent pool by identifying attributes that result in better hires. Automate your sourcing processes—from job posting to resume screening and video interviewing to onboarding—with Team Engine. 

Setup your talent acquisition strategy to run on automatic by boosting your legacy HRIS and IT platforms with our recruitment automation software. Team Engine’s Intelligent Hiring Assistant leverages machine learning technologies that streamline decision-making and reduces hiring times. 


I particularly like the recruiting feature. Having a one stop shop to place ads, then communicate with applicants has made the hiring process easier.

Vivian H.

Westwind Landscape Construction

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Transform Your Candidate Experience with Team Engine

Tap the untouched talent pool by posting your job ad across key job boards such as ZipRecruiter and Indeed. Reach out to passive candidates on social channels like Facebook and Instagram, even if they are not actively looking for a job change. 

To learn how automation tools can streamline your hiring process, contact Team Engine today for a risk-free trial.

What you’ll get:

  • Job listings on top job boards 
  • More responsive employee referral portal 
  • AI-powered, keyword-rich sourcing for each job listing
  • Automated application screening to pick best-fit talent
  • 1:1 texting, real-time surveys, and announcements 

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