A Full Communication Platform for Employees

An Employee Communication Platform for Field Service Workers

Connecting with employees isn't easy when they don't work at a desk in the office. Make sure your frontline heroes are always in the loop. Whether they're moving pallets, building structures, shoveling snow or manufacturing products, Team Engine is here to ensure your communication is as hardworking as they are.


Send Instant Messages to an Individual or a Team

An HR Inbox for your team to easily communicate

Team Engine's text-first communication platform isn't just about sending messages, but also about keeping track of responses. No need to give out your personal number to stay in touch with your team. With our solution, you can seamlessly send and receive text messages right from your computer.

The best part? Team Engine is accessible directly from any web browser. That means no apps to download or programs to install—just easy access for you and your workforce.

We deliver most communications to your employees via text, so your team can stay connected without any extra steps. It's like a direct line to their mobile devices, but with no fancy setup or equipment required.

Share Information in Real-Time

Share Information in Real-time

With our employee engagement software, you're in control of sharing announcements and gathering insights through real-time text message surveys.

Seamlessly update your team about upcoming holidays, emergency closures, or new regulations. Our platform comes packed with collaboration tools that make all communication scenarios a breeze.

We understand how important trust is among your team members. With Team Engine, you can message everyone (or a segment of employees) all at once, but keep their replies private. This fosters a sense of confidence and privacy, and eliminates the annoyances that sometimes come with group messaging.

Trust, collaboration, and connection—with Team Engine they're more than just buzzwords; they're at the heart of your workplace communication.


Communicating with our staff is now quick and effective; no more unanswered phone calls, since most of the employees respond to texts quickly. Being able to send texts to the employees when we have a staff announcement has also been very beneficial, especially when we have weather closures and emergency meetings.

Vivian H.

Westwind Landscape Construction


Create Consistency in Employee Engagement

Create an Intranet for Employee Engagement

Creating a solid, secure way to truly connect staff with management is all about fostering open communication, and we've got just the solution for you.

Your employees have questions—whether it's about benefits, paychecks, or coordinating shifts. With our employee-specific texting, they can easily send their questions or concerns to a dedicated phone number. No more confusion, no more email delays, no more hassle.

With Team Engine, you can build a bridge between employees and management that's as strong as it is seamless. Because when communication flows, great things happen.


Customizable For Your Specific Needs and Processes

Allow Your Digital Workplace to Extend Anywhere

Our product specialists are here to make your experience smooth. They'll help you seamlessly integrate Team Engine with your existing IT and HRIS systems.

It doesn't matter if your team is small and concentrated, or if it spans multiple locations and branches. Our experts bring their A-game to the table, ready to tailor our platform to your unique needs. Customized hiring automations? You got it. File-sharing? Easy as a few clicks. Spanish translations? No problem. With Team Engine, managing it all is a breeze.

Let's make communication not just efficient, but downright enjoyable. Your employees will thank you, and your workplace will thrive.


I like the communication tools the best. We've experienced a significant increase in response rate by staff since we started using Team Engine. We use it for payroll reminders, closures, surveys, trainings and much more!

Katie G.
Boys & Girls Club

Team Engine is very helpful and efficient. It's much easier than texting people one by one to get announcements out to employees. It's very simple, user friendly, and has made things simple by allowing me to create and manage communications for large groups of employees.

Taline K.
Precise Air Systems Inc. (Heating & AC)

Customers Love Team Engine

Team Engine is tailor-made for blue-collar companies and designed with your specific needs in mind. Our platform brings together multiple collaboration and messaging tools, all aimed at making interactions smoother than ever before.

We're not just here to meet expectations; we're here to exceed them. Our focus is on delivering an unparalleled customer experience that leaves you feeling supported every step of the way.

Ready to revolutionize how you connect with your team? Team Engine is here to make it happen by boosting engagement, nurturing a strong connection, and improving retention with our internal communication tools. Welcome to a new era of communication, designed with your success in mind.


The employee database has been extremely effective for communicating with all employees (or a group of employees) for any occasion such as company wide blasts, reminders, and congratulatory messages.

Ramy K.

Titan International Security

Team Engine is a great product for our company. I enjoy the automatic messages for birthdays and work anniversaries; it's meant a lot to our employees.

John O.

Termac Corporation (commercial dishwashers)


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Team Engine Feature:

Employee Communication Platform


Team Engine is your partner in effective employee communication. We understand the value of clear and direct interaction, especially when it comes to the hardworking folks who keep your business running.

Tired of unseen posts on bulletin boards and endless phone tag? We've got you covered. Our intuitive employee communication platform is designed with your blue-collar team in mind. No more chasing down employees or playing phone tag. Say goodbye to those bulletin boards that no one pays attention to.

With Team Engine, connecting with your employees is as easy as sending a text or email. Imagine having your HR software double up as a direct line to your workforce—no intermediaries, no hassle. Think of it as your own company communications assistant, tailored to fit the specific needs of your hardworking crew.

Join us in embracing a modern way of employee communication. Let's make keeping in touch as simple and effective as it should be. Say hello to more consistent, efficient communication... and wave goodbye to unread emails and missed calls. Team Engine is here to streamline your connection with your employees—because your team deserves the best.


Try Our Employee Communication Platform

Reach your blue-collar teams instantly via text message and emails to start getting high engagement and instant response time. Team Engine enables you to share information about company news, upcoming events, a change in shift schedules, updated safety procedures, emergency closures and so much more.

Contact us today for a full-access trial of our automated employee communication platform, risk-free with no strings attached.

What you'll get:

  • 1:1 texting with all employees
  • Text-based surveys
  • Group announcements for your entire staff, or a segment of staff
  • Language translation for incoming and outgoing messages
  • Full support from our customer success team
  • Automated & customized communication workflows

FAQs About Employee Communication Platforms

  • What Are The Benefits Of Using Text Message To Communicate With Employees?

    Leveraging text message in the workplace fosters immediate, direct communication with employees. Given that 90% of text messages are read within three minutes, this mode of communication ensures urgent messages are promptly seen and addressed. It's also exhibited its effectiveness in situations that require immediate action, for instance, in changes to work schedules or emergency notifications.

    Using text message as a communication tool reduces the overload of inbox email communication. An average office worker receives over 120 emails a day, many of which go unnoticed and unread. Replacing some of these email correspondences with text messages helps in alleviating cluttered inboxes, which in turn, aids in keeping track of vital information.

    The ubiquitous nature of mobile phones makes text messaging accessible and convenient. It needs no internet connection, sophisticated applications or equipment. Even when employees are out at the job site, they remain reachable, maintaining seamless communication.

    Text messages offer a personal touch. A direct text message can make employees feel valued, increasing their attachment to their jobs. Allowing a platform for instant feedback or query handling can also lead to improved working relations and build a stronger corporate culture.

  • What Is Employee Engagement Software?

    Employee engagement software is a type of organizational software that provides companies with the mechanisms to manage, measure, and optimize the engagement levels of their employees, while also looking to heighten job satisfaction and organizational commitment. It operates with the aim of fostering a more engaged and motivated workforce. 

    Employee engagement software allows companies to measure their employees' engagement levels in real time. The insights can then be used to identify areas within the organization that require attention or improvement. It also includes features that encompass social recognition, feedback mechanisms, surveys, and reward systems. These functionalities allow companies to acknowledge employee contributions, facilitate knowledge-sharing, encourage positive employee behaviors, and celebrate important milestones. This, in turn, fosters a strong organizational culture, underscored by values such as mutual respect, collaboration, and recognition.

    Employee engagement software promotes an enticing organizational environment where employees feel valued, engaged, and generous in their commitment to their work and the organization at large. In these highly digital times, employee engagement software can be particularly instrumental in catering to remote workforces and nurturing virtual teams by bridging geographical and time zone gaps and ensuring every employee (regardless of location) remains engaged and a part of the entire team.

  • What Is Employee Communication Software?

    Employee communication software fosters easy and convenient transmission of information, ideas, and decisions within a company's internal structure.

    Broadening beyond traditional means of communication such as emails and meetings, employee communication software encompasses apps designed to enhance and ease the process of sharing information. These applications are fundamentally built to be intuitive and user-friendly, providing a seamless experience to users, making information exchange quicker and simpler.

    The software often includes features such as real-time chat, video conferencing, task management, and much more. Apps can be personalized, allowing ease of access to features directly relevant to a user's role within the company. These applications enable direct, effective communication among team members regardless of their geographical location.

  • What Is The Best Way To Communicate With Employees?

    Text messaging is an effective and immediate way to reach out, especially in an increasingly digital age where smartphones are ubiquitous. Simple updates, quick reminders, or emergency alerts can be effectively delivered through a concise text message.

    For more formal and detailed communication, an email is more suitable. It allows the employer to articulate their message thoroughly, while also enabling the employees to peruse it at their leisure. 

  • What Communication Platforms Do Companies Use?

    Among the most widely recognized communication platforms is Slack, used primarily for instant messaging between team members. Meanwhile, companies requiring robust and secure video conferencing often resort to platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, which also serves as an all-in-one communication solution integrating chat, call, and collaboration features.

    Other popular platforms include Intercom, a customer messaging platform, and Zoho Cliq, a robust team communication tool designed to streamline workplace discussions. A newer addition to the corporate communication landscape is Basecamp, a project management and team communication platform in one.

    Google Workspace (previously G Suite) blends email, chat, and video calls into one unified system, also making it a major player in today's corporate communication landscape.

    For companies with a mobile, distributed workforce out in the field (and in particular with blue-collar, labor-intensive roles in landscaping, construction, and home services) text messaging is the simplest and most effective way to reach employees with important, time sensitive information.

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