text recruıtıng

Talent Acquisition with Just a Text

Our automated applicant outreach keeps top candidates engaged throughout the hiring process, making it easy and convenient for companies to connect with applicants and answer their questions in real-time.

Boost Candidate Engagement

When you respond to candidates in real-time with a quick response rate, it builds trust and engagement. With Team Engine, sending automated text messages speeds up communication and reduces time-to-hire. Candidates can also schedule or reschedule interviews easily through SMS text messaging. Break down barriers associated with getting candidates on a call or to an interview by allowing them to text with you instead.

Communication is the biggest downfall for us, so getting back to applicants in a timely, automated way has helped us. Team Engine is easy to use, has an employee communication side, offers plenty of options, and is priced right.
Micheal Toribio
Operations Manager, WMI Trucks

Automate Your Touchpoints

Text recruiting software allows recruiters and hiring managers to source candidates via a ‘text-to-apply’ number, which improves the candidate experience, increases application volume, and kicks off the automated hiring process instantly. Through the power of automation, text recruiting can be a dynamic and surefire way to get quicker response times from qualified job seekers.

Templates Built on Best Practices

Team Engine’s text recruiting solution includes ready-made templates that fit any situation, such as scheduling interviews and sharing interview feedback. You can also customize your own templates and share them with your team. Consolidate all hiring-related conversations in one place by making Team Engine your text recruiting platform, where you'll gain access to a library of custom templates to streamline and automate employee communication.

The ability to text applicants about screenings and interviews has been a game-changer for our response rates.
Sarah Cash
Programs Administrator, Boys & Girls Club

Streamline Hiring & Improve the Candidate Experience

Team Engine’s text recruiting software simplifies hiring communication across all touchpoints from beginning to end so that your recruitment team can deliver a better hiring experience. You can even facilitate text message feedback surveys with newly onboarded candidates and existing employees to let them share their ideas, views, and experiences.

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Try Team Engine Text Recruiting

Expand your reach and communicate with talent in real-time using Team Engine’s text recruiting software. Text-based messages allow the recipients to respond quickly, which expedites the recruitment and hiring process.

Contact Team Engine today to integrate text recruiting software into your recruitment platform and streamline communication.

What you’ll get:

Job listings on top job boards

Employee referral portal

AI-powered, keyword-rich sourcing for each job listing

Automated application screening to pick best-fit talent

Texting & emailing with applicants

Language translation for incoming and outgoing messages

Full support from our customer success team

Team Engine Feature

Text Based Recruiting

Move your recruitment process from chaos to clarity by modernizing and streamlining your communication with candidates using Team Engine. Utilize text message communication at every stage of recruitment to stay connected with applicants. Connect with talent wherever they are - at home, in the field, or at the shop. Team Engine’s text message recruiting solution helps recruiters, hiring managers, and business owners accelerate job placements and get talent hired FAST.

FAQs About Text Recruiting

What is Text Recruiting?

Text recruiting involves the use of text messages or SMS to attract, reach out to, and engage potential job candidates. With the pervasiveness of technology and mobile devices, employers now see the potential to leverage texting as a strategic recruitment channel.

One of the primary assets of text recruiting is its impressive read and response rates. Traditional mediums like email often sit unopened in cluttered inboxes. In contrast, text messages get noticed and answered promptly, making them a robust tool in the recruiter's arsenal.

Texting platforms for recruiting act as the backbone for this communication method. These platforms are software tools that allow recruiters to send out mass text messages to potential candidates. These tools not only enable the sending and receiving of messages but also allow for the automation of responses, scheduled messages, and analytics tracking. With their help, recruiters can manage multiple conversations at once, hence saving time and fostering efficiency.

Text recruiting represents a transformation in the recruitment process, offering a more direct, faster, and interactive medium of communication. This strategy, coupled with the use of texting platforms for recruiting, streamlines the process and gives recruiters the upper hand in attracting top talent in the competitive job market.

How do you recruit through text?

Text recruiting involves the use of short messages to communicate with potential candidates. This method offers numerous advantages such as faster response times, increased engagement, and the convenience it offers to both recruiters and candidates.

To implement this recruitment strategy effectively, text recruiting platforms play a crucial role. These platforms harness the power of technology to streamline and optimize the recruitment process. They include features that allow seamless scheduling of messages, personalized templates for texting, and tools for tracking and analyzing responses. A few examples of these platforms include Canvas, Text Recruit, Team Engine and Emissary.

Another vital tool in the text recruitment arsenal is text recruiting software. These digital solutions aid in automating recruitment processes, shortening the time taken to hire, and improving your overall recruitment strategy. The software can filter candidates, schedule interviews, and even conduct initial screenings automatically. What’s more, text recruiting software offers integration options with applicant tracking systems (ATS), making it easier for recruiters to track candidate profiles and correspondence in one place.

What are the benefits of Text Recruiting?

Text recruiting has surged in popularity as more companies realize the myriad benefits that it yields. Compared to traditional communication channels such as email or phone calls, recruiters are finding that text messaging provides more direct and efficient channels of communication. In a corporate landscape constantly seeking expedited, yet effective means of conversation, text recruiting scores high on many parameters.

One of the most prominent advantages is its immediacy. Given that a significant percentage of the population carries a smartphone, text recruiting expedites the communication process. Potential candidates are more likely to read and respond to a text message promptly compared to an email or return a phone call. This immediacy translates into greater response rates and faster feedback loops, helping recruiters streamline their talent acquisition process.

Text recruiting is also appreciated for its brevity and non-intrusive nature. Candidates can respond at their convenience without feeling burdened to engage in long, drawn-out conversations. The convenience and flexibility that text recruiting offers resonate with modern candidates, particularly millennials and gen Z, who prioritize efficient and convenient communication methods.

What are the benefits of text to apply?

Text to apply, often referred to as Text-to-Apply or T2A, is a modern approach to applications that makes use of SMS technology for job application processes.

One of the primary benefits of text to apply is its simplicity and ease of use. It eliminates the need for applicants to fill out lengthy application forms, making the application process less stressful and more convenient. Applicants just need to send a keyword or code to a specific number, and the process starts right away.

Moreover, text to apply provides significant benefits in terms of speed and efficiency. The power of instant communication encapsulated in SMS allows employers to swiftly respond to applications and inquiries, significantly shortening the time it takes to screen and process applications. This increased efficiency can be particularly beneficial in industries where quick hiring decisions are crucial.

In addition, the text to apply approach fosters greater accessibility and inclusiveness. It ensures that the application process is available to anyone who owns a cellphone, irrespective of internet access or computer skills, thus expanding the potential talent pool.

Furthermore, the use of text to apply provides substantial advantages in terms of tracking and management, enabling human resources professionals to easily keep track of applications and follow-ups through a manageable system.

How to use automation in Text Recruiting

Automation in text recruiting is phenomenally beneficial in enhancing speed, reducing manual steps, and expanding communication channels. It involves using automated software to send text messages to potential candidates. This software can be programmed to send automated replies based on certain date-based triggers or keywords, thereby reducing the turnaround time in communication.

Certain elements are key to successful automation in text recruiting. Especially important are thoughtfully crafted scripts for automated responses, careful scheduling to avoid messages at inappropriate times, and a balanced level of communication that is neither too invasive nor too sparse. Regular follow-ups and updates can be programmed at acceptable intervals to maintain candidate interest and engagement.

Automation in text recruiting can revolutionize hiring practices, refining the hiring process by reducing strain on resources while simultaneously lowering costs and reducing the amount of time until hiring. This innovative approach to recruiting is apt for the modern age, leveraging digital means to optimize recruitment without sacrificing the personal touch integral to the process.