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Recruiting for technical roles and managing a mobile workforce in the plumbing and HVAC industry is challenging. Team Engine allows recruiters and hiring managers to recruit plumbers and HVAC professionals through a structured hiring process. Get a high volume of eligible applicants on each job posting for your plumbing services and HVAC business with Team Engine. 


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Team Engine works in conjunction with most human resource software solutions used by plumbing and electrical services businesses. Reduced time-to-hire and better optimization of costs are just two of the many reasons HVAC businesses are finding and hiring more electricians and air-conditioner technicians with Team Engine. Yours could be next. 


Real-Time Workforce Management

HVAC and Plumbing Field Tech Communication

Connect with technicians and plumbers in the field to share important information during work hours. Keep the lines of communication open with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technicians from a single, centralized platform.

Whether they need to submit photos for an insurance claim, ask about an error on their paycheck, or let you know they need new uniforms, Team Engine not only makes it possible, but fast and easy. Boost your workforce management capabilities with our text-first employee communication platform.

Survey Your Teams Anywhere, Anytime

employee surveys for plumbers and hvac techs

Share text message surveys with new hires and existing employees to record their feedback and suggestions. Send exit surveys to employees who are leaving your HVAC company to get their input on how you can do better for the next employee. Reduce paper costs, and save time and money by sending surveys on mobile devices. 

Send surveys via email and text so that your HVAC system installation technicians, plumbers, water heater experts, drain cleaning staff, and other employees can respond quickly. Get accurate insights into employee responses with Team Engine’s mobile survey forms. 

Streamline Employee Onboarding

streamlined onboarding for HVAC employees

With Team Engine, you can do more than just recruit talented and experienced field service technicians for your plumbing business. The HR plumbing software also facilitates a smooth onboarding experience to plumbers and HVAC installation technicians by giving them an easy way to communicate directly with leadership during and after training.

Send onboarding surveys to employees’ mobile devices to give them the convenience and flexibility of responding on their preferred channel of communication. Connect with new hires to show support, ask for their feedback, and streamline their onboarding process. 

Maximize Employee Happiness and Retention

improve plumber & HVAC employee happiness and retention

A fully digitized HR platform in residential and commercial HVAC businesses means no hassles and better management. Keep your field team engaged with company culture by asking for their feedback and suggestions, regular check-ins, and a convenient way to keep up with colleagues at the office. Automated workforce management ensures these things happen with consistency. 

Understand Your Internal Customer Experience

employee texts for plumbers and hvac techs

With automated workflows—from recruitment and hiring to onboarding and retention—Team Engine helps you stay connected with your field employees at all times. Text messaging is easier and more convenient for deskless workers who aren’t accustomed to checking email multiple times a day. Start texting them, and you’ll see engagement improve across the board.

blue collar hiring for deskless workers

Team Engine Reviews from Real Customers

We get double the applicants that we used to get, but that’s not the best part. It’s the fact that since bringing on Team Engine, I’ve never had someone not answer the phone when I call at interview time. Our calendars are booked solid, and for recruiters, time is money. So to know that we are spending our time actually recruiting and hiring instead of just sitting at our desks waiting for a callback is huge.

Katie Conway
Genz Ryan

Consolidates all of our recruiting and interviewing processes into one platform. Easy to use, great communication tools, notification abilities, lots of customizable automation & reasonably priced.

Matt Hadley
Bruce Thornton Air Conditioning, Inc

Very easy to navigate.

Michael Keister
Atlantic Mechanical

Team Engine has made communicating with our candidates an easier experience and reduced the number of people ghosting for interviews.

Arlinghaus Heating & Air
Liz Crenshaw
Arlinghaus Heating & Air
HR automation software for HVAC and Plumbing

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