4 Ways Employee Surveys Can Benefit Your Business

Unlock the power of employee surveys for your business growth. Learn how surveys foster trust, retention, innovation, and organizational improvement.

Dara Dolinsky
September 21, 2020

It’s one thing to tell your employees you care about them, but it’s another to consistently ask for their feedback and advice to show you care. Reaching out to every employee to see how they are doing can be difficult if not impossible at times, especially when it comes to collecting all of the data. Employees won’t just come to your office to speak their minds either. Text message surveys are the solution.

Administering an employee survey allows you to ask the right questions, collect feedback, and make changes promptly.  According to SHRM, “Organization responsiveness to employee feedback leads to higher retention rates, lower absenteeism, improved productivity, better customer service, and higher employee morale. The simple fact that the organization is conducting a survey can send a positive message to employees that their opinions are valued.”

Here are four ways employee surveys will benefit your company:

Organizational Growth

Finding out how your company ranks on employee satisfaction, management effectiveness, engagement levels, safety, and more from your employees will give you direct evidence for any needed organizational change or restructuring. You will find out which departments or leaders are doing well and what the best practices are for your company.

Build Trust

Employees value having a say even if they don’t get their way. Being sent a survey to find out how they feel about work or if they have any new ideas shows your company cares because you asked. Even if the changes aren’t implemented, you showed initiative to gain perspective from your workers.

With employee surveys, you are building a bridge for two-way communication. This allows your employees to be directly involved with the decision-making process in the company, and help them feel valued. You’re giving your employees a voice.

Increase Employee Retention

Employee exit surveys provide you with unique insight into how your employees perceive your company. Employees leave for a multitude of reasons, from better competitor offers to problems at work. If someone is leaving due to issues they were having in the field, it’s crucial to find out what happened to fix the problem quickly, especially if multiple employees leave for the same reason. If one of your employees is leaving for a competitor, administering a survey can help you better understand what your competitors are offering that your employees may be interested in. All the information you gain from an employee exit survey can help better your company and increase your employee retention rates over time.

Develop New Ideas

72% of companies have no process for collecting, reviewing, or evaluating their employee’s ideas. No one knows how to improve employee work-life better than your employees. If you’re looking to add new projects, increase your customer base, or change any way you currently conduct business, your employees can help you. They are out in the field, talking to your customers, and working on projects. They know your customers’ top compliments and complaints, as well as what people are looking for. Asking them questions on ideas for the business can help you grow substantially.

You don’t have to use every idea that your employees suggest, but if you’re thinking of starting something new, send out a survey to see what other ideas your employees can come up with. You might be able to create something you’ve never even thought of.

Reaching out to your employees can benefit your business in so many ways. That’s why Team Engine built a team management platform in the first place, to help field service companies with their growth and communication. Try the platform risk-free and start sending text message surveys today.

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