Hiring & Retention Tips for the Green Industry

Hear what Jeffrey's clients in the green industry have been doing to attract & retain top talent in today's tight labor market.

Which comes first: hiring great employees, or creating a great company culture? In our webinar with Jeffrey Scott, we answered that question (and much, much more).

With decades of experience as an entrepreneur, owner and consultant in the landscape and general contracting industry, Jeffrey has an inside view of the unique hiring challenges (and opportunities) faced by his clients—the same ones you might be experiencing in your own organization right now.

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn:

  • What's working for other landscaping companies
  • How to improve retention using “shared leadership”
  • How to raise financial performance by employing an “ownership culture”
  • Novel and proven recruiting tips to get staffed up
  • Why becoming a Destination Company® will solve your staffing issues

Jeffrey was also joined by Lara Beckemeier, VP of Human Resources and Administration at Landesign, to share tips and tricks she’s currently using to recruit and retain labor for the suite of landscaping companies she oversees.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from one of the green industry's most authoritative coaches & thought leaders. Uncover the changes you need to make today to recruit and retain top landscaping talent tomorrow.


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