Navigating the Talent War: Insights from Neal Glatt

Neal Glatt shares his insights on navigating the talent war in landscaping & snow removal industries. Discover key strategies for hiring success today!

In a recent webinar led by Neal Glatt, managing partner and co-founder of, he explored the ongoing talent war within the landscaping and snow removal industries, emphasizing the seismic shift in the job market dynamics and the necessity for businesses to adapt accordingly.

Neal began by painting a picture of the job market's transformation over the past decade. He highlighted how, historically, there were more unemployed individuals than available jobs. However, since 2018, there has been a notable reversal, with job openings outnumbering the available workforce, leading to a significant talent shortage.

Recognizing the need for a paradigm shift in hiring strategies, Neal outlined a comprehensive blueprint for success, encompassing four key levels:

Crafting Compelling Job Ads

Neal emphasized the importance of job ads that focus on purpose, opportunity, and organizational values rather than just listing benefits and requirements. He stressed the need to adopt a tone similar to customer advertisements, highlighting the company's mission, vision, and CSR initiatives.

Targeting Untapped Talent Pools

Neal advocated for targeting individuals from untapped talent pools, such as those with disadvantaged backgrounds, including the uneducated, inexperienced, disabled, veterans, retirees, and more. He argued that these talent pools often yield more applicants and deserve equal opportunities for employment.

Enhancing Communication

Neal underscored the significance of frequent, text-based communication with prospective hires. He emphasized the need for informal yet regular communication to keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process.

Revamping the Interview Process

Neal recommended structured, situational interviews that assess candidates' fit for the organization and job role objectively. Watch below to learn his unique approach to writing interview questions and structuring job interviews:

Key Takeaways from the Webinar

Focus on Motivation Factors

Neal referenced Frederick Herzberg's two-factor theory, emphasizing that while hygiene factors like pay and benefits are necessary, they do not increase satisfaction beyond a certain point. Instead, motivation factors such as challenging work, recognition, and personal growth lead to increased motivation and engagement among employees.

"Hygiene Factors" are the bare minimum when it comes to employee satisfaction. Removing them contributes to dissatisfaction, but adding them NEVER increases satisfaction.

Emphasize Purpose and Opportunity

Job ads should highlight the purpose and impact of the role, organizational values, and opportunities for growth and development. By framing the job advertisement in an aspirational tone, companies can attract high-quality candidates who resonate with the company's mission.

Target Untapped Talent Pools

To address the talent shortage effectively, Neal encouraged businesses to broaden their recruitment efforts to include individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. By tapping into untapped talent pools, companies can access a larger pool of potential hires while fostering inclusivity and diversity within their workforce. Examples of untapped talent pools include:

  • Individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, raised in challenging environments, or with a history marked by substance abuse, violence, or economic hardship.
  • Individuals lacking formal education or experience, perhaps not having completed higher levels of schooling such as college, high school, or middle school, or are recent graduates at these educational tiers.
  • Individuals with varying degrees of mental or physical disabilities.
  • Legal immigrants facing difficulties in securing employment and integrating into the community.
  • Veterans navigating the transition to civilian life and grappling with identity redefinition post-military service.
  • Long-term unemployed individuals or those with a prolonged history of sporadic or inadequate employment.
  • Formerly incarcerated individuals seeking reintegration into society.
  • Retirees opting for early retirement but desiring continued engagement in work or other capacities.

Streamline the Hiring Process

Speed is paramount in today's competitive job market. Neal emphasized the importance of minimizing delays in the hiring process, ensuring prompt responses and efficient communication to secure top talent before competitors.

Streamline applications by only requiring basic information, using mobile friendly web forms, and using text-to-apply or QR codes for offline advertising

Rethink Candidate Screening

Traditional screening methods based on experience, education, and technical skills may not accurately predict job performance. Neal advocated for a shift towards more inclusive screening criteria that consider a candidate's potential and willingness to learn. He emphasized the need to give individuals second chances and cautions against placing too much weight on resume credentials, as many candidates may embellish their qualifications.

Neal concluded by emphasizing the importance of quality and speed in the hiring process, highlighting the role of frequent communication and technology in facilitating efficient recruitment. He encouraged employers to leverage tools like TeamEngine for seamless communication and workflow automation.

Neal's comprehensive approach to hiring means rethinking traditional practices, embracing inclusivity, and leveraging technology to attract and retain top talent in the green industry. Are you ready to embrace it and see the difference? Watch the complete video to hear more from Neal on his tried and true, data-backed approach!

Webinar On-Demand: Blueprint for Recruiting and Retaining Green Industry Employees with Neal Glatt


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