The Right Hiring Tools Means More Qualified Candidates

Stop wasting time on job boards and playing phone tag to get candidates in the door. Try these free tools to speed up your blue-collar hiring process.

Dara Dolinsky
May 29, 2020

The hiring process can be brutal. You’re shelling out money on job listings—recruiting, interviews, onboarding, and more—just to find the most qualified candidate. With the right hiring tools, you can speed up your hiring process and save money—no more wasted time on people who won’t become part of your personnel.

Speed Up Recruiting With Texting

A large money-waster is a lengthy hiring process. You want to stay in touch with your candidates as much as possible and reach out as quickly as possible. A rule of thumb for blue-collar hiring is to send a quick confirmation or follow-up question text message immediately after receiving an application. This way, you can obtain information about experience, skills, and whatever else you need, similar to a quick phone screen. You can let the person know right away if they’re moving forward instead of having them wait around. Texting not only helps you move through the hiring process more quickly, but it keeps your applicants interested through personalized outreach.

Consider investing in a tool that automatically messages applicants when they apply so you can collect the additional information you need without having to play phone tag. Integrating an automated applicant messaging software into your process can help keep jobs, applicants, and conversations organized into one centralized place, which is particularly useful if you have multiple people in charge of hiring.

Create Strong Job Descriptions

A run of the mill job ad that is vague doesn’t get people excited. You can be missing some of the best personnel this way. If you’re not descriptive in your job ad, you end up wasting your time and the applicant’s time. People will apply for jobs thinking they’re qualified, only for you to look and notice they aren’t. You want to make sure you are describing the role and expected qualifications in as much detail as possible.

Something many people don’t realize, especially when it comes to blue-collar hiring, is the unintentional use of masculine words to describe a job. This can deter women from applying, as the job may seem like it’s only for men. A study done by ZipRecruiter shows that job listings with gender-neutral wording get 42% more responses. A great tool to use is the Gender Decoder. You paste in your job ad in, and it weeds out any gender coding words that might discriminate people from applying. This tool will help you increase your selection of candidates once you post your job. The best part: it’s free!

To guarantee your job description is accurate, reach out to the folks who know best: your current employees! Instead of the standard description, your employees will make sure the description reflects the skills and experience needed to be successful. They will also remove anything that doesn’t reflect the role anymore.

Schedule Interviews Using Technology

As I mentioned earlier, you want to move people through your hiring process quickly. Something that has a lot of back and forth is setting up interview times. After you have connected with your applicant and received all the qualifying information you needed, send them a Calendly link so they can select their own interview time based off of your calendar.


Google Calendar is another excellent free tool, particularly when your applicant is already familiar with the Google suite. You can even add a video conferencing link directly to the calendar invitation through Google Hangouts. Hangouts can be conducted as voice-only calls or with video if you prefer a more personal approach.

Seek Out Passive Candidates Using Social Media

You want candidates to come to you, but it’s also useful to look for the right people yourself! A prominent tool for that is LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers a powerful search tool that filters results based on the information they freely provide on their profiles such as keywords, locations, current & past companies, and industries. The filter is great because you can get a list full of people who work or use to work in your specific industry. From there, you connect and write a message to discuss your company and that you are hiring. Many people are open to new opportunities; you just have to reach out!

You can also search for personnel on Indeed. When job seekers create Indeed accounts, they typically also upload a resume for recruiters to look at. On Indeed, you can filter people’s resumes that match the criteria you’re looking for. Indeed also allows you to filter resumes by job titles, companies, locations, and more. It’s easy to find the right people.

By using the right techniques and tools, you can speed up your hiring process in no time. You’ll be saving thousands of dollars a year while adding the best employees to your team.

All these tools are available at your fingertips, but wouldn’t it be nice not to have a million new accounts? If you’d like to see how you can do all of these things on just one platform, head over to Team Engine and sign up to try it risk-free!

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