What We’re Reading: Wellness, Morale, Apprentices, and Innovation

by Dara Dolinsky in September 4th, 2020
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It seems as though the pandemic has brought on many opportunities and hardships for the blue-collar industry. This week, Team Engine decided to look into what companies can do to help their employees and how companies can utilize this time to expand their business. See what you should be doing: 

Wellness Programs For Blue-Collar Workers

Blue-collar workers are less likely to engage in wellness programs and often aren’t provided with insurance as a benefit on the job. Blue-collar workers are out in the field, so it’s surprising they don’t see the same if not more benefits than white-collar workers as their jobs are more strenuous. Dr. Steven Aldana, CEO of Wellsteps-an employee wellness solutions provider, shares his wellness program ideas for blue-collar workers.

 Check out what Dr. Steven Aldana’s five ideas are >>

Maintaining Morale For Your Deskless Workforce

Covid-19 has brought on more safety regulations for workplaces like wearing masks, gloves, and other PPE equipment. More and more U.S. workers feel disconnected during the pandemic, and now safety practice leaders are worried about heat stress this season. With everything that is happening, how can you maintain your employee morale? 

Read on to see what Scott DeBow, safety practice leader of RandStad North America, suggests for maintaining employee morale >>

How To Engage Young Americans In Apprenticeships

Fraser Patterson, Founder of Skillit-a skilled worker training platform, looks at recent trends that will demand a surge in apprenticeships for American workers. The problem? Not many U.S. companies offer apprentice training. 

See how Fraser believes America can provide resources to opening up more opportunities >>

Innovation Is No Longer a Luxury; It Is a Necessity

Adopting new technologies for manufacturing will open more opportunities rather than take them away for workers. Automating specific processes can help take the strain off of employees and create more efficient production. Is it time for you to make a digital transformation?

Read how Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business Group, believes digital automation can benefit quality assurance and worker safety >>

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