All-in-One Messaging Platform

Stop playing phone tag. Team Engine's Applicant Engagement Platform lets you easily send text messages, emails, and make phone calls all from one place - and without having to use your personal phone.


A Shared Hiring Inbox for Text, Email and Phone Calls

Team Engine lets you handle all of your applicant communication in one place - whether that's a text, a phone call or an email. For every job we buy a local phone number, then the software handles all communication from one place - even if applicants call back, we'll route it to the phone number you want. This means no more manual tracking of when you've reached out, or relying on one person to do all the work.  Everyone can see what's happened when, and reach out right from the software - all without using a personal cell phone. 

Shared Hiring Inbox

Text Messaging for Hiring on Steroids

For most companies, texting applicants involves either a personal cell phone or buying expensive software and trying to hook it up to their current applicant tracking system. Team Engine puts text messaging first - and makes it super easy. From saved messages that you can quickly use to send back responses to common questions to notifications that let you know when messages haven't been responded to, Team Engine lets you win the best applicants - using the communication method they want. 

Screen applicants automatically

Built for Blue Collar Hiring

Your applicants aren't sitting in front of a computer all day, and they may not even have a resume. The best people have jobs and they're excelling in them - so your goal is really how you reach them and sell them on your job.  Team Engine has a smart application flow that builds out a resume for each applicant - all designed to be used straight from their phone. This flow is designed around the jobs you're hiring for - what skills and specialized licenses do they have, how far is their commute, what shifts they want to work - all while minimizing the time it takes to fill it out. 

Texting automation

Stop Chasing & Start Connecting.

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