Employee Communication Platform


Team Engine’s employee communication platform helps business owners and human resources teams to interact with employees via SMS and email—right within the HR inbox. 

Forget about bulletin boards, trading phone calls, or tracking someone down; instead, rely on an employee communication platform that acts as a company intranet. 

A Full Communication Platform for Employees

Employee Communications for Deskless Workers

We understand that it’s difficult to reach employees who are not operating from a desk. Yes, we are talking about your blue-collar teams who are busy handling their day-to-day job roles from warehouse floors, construction sites, manufacturing units, and so on. 

Reach out to your frontline workers with Team Engine’s one-to-one chat integration. Not only does it enable you to send messages, but it helps manage replies too. You don’t have to share your personal phone number to communicate to employees; send and receive messages right within your existing platform. 

An HR Inbox for your team to easily communicate

Send Instant Messages to an Individual or a Team

Whether you want to message a single person or the entire team, the employee communication app helps. HR members can access Team Engine from any web browser, which means there are no apps to download or install, and you can get push notifications for every message you receive.  Best of all, your employees won't need to download any apps either, since all communications are delivered via text.

Reach out to your employees where they are with Team Engine’s communication API. Send and receive messages on mobile devices; no special setup or equipment is needed. Build a seamless connection between employees and management with Team Engine. 

Send a text announcement to the team.

Create an Intranet for Employee Engagement

Employee-specific texting helps build up a secure intranet that engages staff with management. Strengthen your communication strategy by implementing an intuitive solution that promotes communication among teams. 

Staff members can send their queries to a dedicated phone number—whether they want to enquire about benefits, paychecks, or coordinating shifts. Our one-to-one SaaS employee communications software allows for resolving internal issues effectively.  

Allow Your Digital Workplace to Extend Anywhere

Allow Your Digital Workplace to Extend Anywhere

Reach everyone, everywhere via digital displays, mobile apps, and email campaigns. Our specialists can help setup Team Engine’s internal communication platform alongside your legacy IT and HRIS systems so that you can handle communication with all employees directly from the intranet platform.

Whether you have a small staffbase or a massive roster of employees, our experts have the experience, skills, and strategies to help you get the most out of it. From video conferencing to simple file-sharing, Team Engine makes it possible to manage everything in just a few clicks.

Employee Communication in Real Time

Share Information in Real-time

Share announcements and send surveys in real-time to stay connected with employees. Update them about upcoming holidays, leave status, or a new regulation by leveraging the best employee engagement software equipped with robust collaboration tools. 

Keep employee and internal comms confidential to promote trust among employees with Team Engine. Send a message directly to team members and rest assured that it was received, since the platform integrates multiple communication channels including instant messaging, employee surveys, and more. 


Customers Love Team Engine

Team Engine is designed with the communication needs of blue-collar companies in mind. We serve all major industries including manufacturing, waste management, construction, distribution, landscaping, plumbing & HVAC, to name a few. 

We are committed to serving all industries with a communication platform that integrates multiple collaboration tools to simplify interactions between employees and HR. With a feature-rich communication solution, we strive to meet expectations and deliver the best customer experience ever.

Streamline your everyday communication by effectively reaching out to team members and reaching them wherever they are. Share information with your team members regularly to enhance the employee experience, promote engagement, and improve retention with internal communications tools. 


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Take your work communications to the next level with an effective internal communication strategy. Reach your blue-collar teams instantly via text message and emails to get instant responses in no time. 

Contact Team Engine to integrate an effective employee collaboration platform that enables you to share information about company news, upcoming office events, a change in shift schedules, edits in the knowledge base, or updated work guidelines.

Contact Team Engine to integrate our communications solutions into your exciting CRM without interrupting business functionality. 

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  • Keyword-rich sourcing for each job listing
  • Automated application screening to pick best-fit talent
  • Unlimited 1:1 texting, real-time surveys, and announcements
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