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Team Engine is your partner in effective employee communication. We understand the value of clear and direct interaction, especially when it comes to the hardworking folks who keep your business running.

Tired of unseen posts on bulletin boards and endless phone tag? We've got you covered. Our intuitive employee communication platform is designed with your blue-collar team in mind. No more chasing down employees or playing phone tag. Say goodbye to those bulletin boards gathering dust.

With Team Engine, connecting with your employees is as easy as sending a text or email. Imagine having your HR software double up as a direct line to your workforce—no intermediaries, no hassle. Think of it as your own company intranet, tailored to fit the needs of your hardworking crew.

Join us in embracing a modern way of employee communication. Let's make keeping in touch as simple and effective as it should be. Say hello to hassle-free conversations, and wave goodbye to the old communication struggles. Team Engine is here to streamline your connection with your employees—because your team deserves the best.

A Full Communication Platform for Employees

Employee Communications for Deskless Workers

We get it – connecting with your on-the-go blue-collar teams isn't always a walk in the park. We're talking about those dedicated folks powering your operations on the warehouse floors, construction sites, and manufacturing units day in and day out.

Team Engine's hassle-free communication platform isn't just about sending messages, but also about keeping track of responses. No need to give out your personal number to stay in touch with your team. With our solution, you can seamlessly send and receive messages right from your computer.

Let's bridge the gap and make sure your frontline heroes are always in the loop. Whether they're moving pallets, building structures, or manufacturing products, Team Engine is here to ensure your communication is as hardworking as they are.

An HR Inbox for your team to easily communicate

Send Instant Messages to an Individual or a Team

Ready to communicate effortlessly, whether it's one person or your whole crew? Look no further than our employee communication app. It's designed to make your life easier, especially for HR professionals like you who need to keep everyone in the loop.

The best part? Team Engine is accessible directly from any web browser. That means no hassle with downloads or installations—just easy access. And don't worry about missing a beat – our push notifications ensure you're up-to-date with every message.

But here's the real game-changer: no app downloads for you or your employees. We get it, simplicity matters. That's why we deliver most communications via text, so your team can stay connected without any extra steps.

Team Engine is like a direct line to your employees' mobile devices, no fancy setup or equipment required. Let's build a seamless connection that works as hard as your workforce does.


Communicating with our staff is now quick and effective; no more unanswered phone calls, since most of the employees respond to texts quickly. Being able to send texts to the employees when we have a staff announcement has also been very beneficial, especially when we have weather closures and emergency meetings.

Vivian H.

Westwind Landscape Construction

Create an Intranet for Employee Engagement

Create an Intranet for Employee Engagement

Let's talk about creating a solid, secure intranet that truly connects your staff with management. It's all about fostering open communication, and we've got just the solution for you.

Picture this: your employees have questions, whether it's about benefits, paychecks, or coordinating shifts. With our employee-specific texting, they can easily send their queries to a dedicated phone number. No more confusion, no more email delays, no more hassle.

Our one-to-one employee communications software is like having a direct line for resolving internal issues—quick and effective. Let's build a bridge between your employees and management that's as strong as it is seamless. Because when communication flows, great things happen.

Share Information in Real-Time

Share Information in Real-time

With our employee engagement software, you're in control of sharing announcements and gathering insights through real-time surveys.

Seamlessly update your team about upcoming holidays, leave statuses, or new regulations. Our platform comes packed with collaboration tools that make communication a breeze.

We also understand how important trust is among your team members. With Team Engine, you can keep employee and internal communications under wraps, fostering that sense of confidence. From direct messages to anonymous employee surveys, it's time to take your communication game to the next level. Trust, collaboration, and connection—let's make them more than just buzzwords. With Team Engine, they're at the heart of your workplace communication.


I like the communication tools the best. We've experienced a significant increase in response rate by staff since we started using Team Engine. We use it for payroll reminders, closures, surveys, trainings and much more!

Katie G.
Boys & Girls Club

Team Engine is very helpful and efficient. It's much easier than texting people one by one to get announcements out to employees. It's very simple, user friendly, and has made things simple by allowing me to create and manage communications for large groups of employees.

Taline K.
Precise Air Systems Inc. (Heating & AC)
Allow Your Digital Workplace to Extend Anywhere

Allow Your Digital Workplace to Extend Anywhere

Our product specialists are here to make your experience smooth. They'll help you seamlessly integrate Team Engine with your existing IT and HRIS systems.

It doesn't matter if your team is small and tight-knit or if it spans multiple locations or branches. Our experts bring their A-game to the table, ready to tailor our platform to your unique needs. Customized hiring automations? You got it. File-sharing? Easy as a few clicks. Spanish translations? No problem. With Team Engine, managing it all is a breeze.

Let's make communication not just efficient, but downright enjoyable. Your employees will thank you, and your workplace will thrive. Welcome to the future of teamwork and connection with Team Engine.


Customers Love Team Engine

Team Engine is tailor-made for blue-collar companies and designed with your specific needs in mind. From manufacturing to waste management, construction to distribution, and even landscaping, plumbing, and HVAC, we support all kinds of deskless industries to ensure that communication between employees and HR is seamless and effective. Our platform brings together multiple collaboration tools, all aimed at making interactions smoother than ever before.

We're not just here to meet expectations; we're here to exceed them. Our focus is on delivering an unparalleled customer experience that leaves you feeling supported every step of the way.

Ready to revolutionize how you connect with your team? Team Engine is here to make it happen by boosting engagement, nurturing a strong connection, and improving retention with our internal communications tools. Welcome to a new era of communication, designed with your success in mind.


The employee database has been extremely effective for communicating with all employees (or a group of employees) for any occasion such as company wide blasts, reminders, and congratulatory messages.

Ramy K.

Titan International Security

Team Engine is a great product for our company. I enjoy the automatic messages for birthdays and work anniversaries; it's meant a lot to our employees.

John O.

Termac Corporation (commercial dishwashers)


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