Straightforward pricing based on your company's size

Our plans start at $400 / month based on company size (with discounted annual options too).  All plans include unlimited jobs and users and incredible support for every step of the hiring process. 


  • How do you differ from Indeed / ZipRecruiter?

    Team Engine goes far beyond an individual job board. The software builds, runs and optimizes ads to run on marketing platforms like Facebook, posts jobs to multiple job sites, automatically texts back and forth with applicants, sends interview reminders, and much more.

  • How do I get started?

    Just sign up below and we'll work you through the software and show you exactly how this works for you. We'll even take care of loading your jobs.  

  • Why can't I do this myself without software?

    You can. In fact, the world's biggest companies have huge teams of people doing exactly that. But Team Engine empowers you to do it without needing a huge team of dedicated recruiters, designers, and online advertisers.

  • Are you a staffing agency/recruiting firm?

    No. We believe that you know best when it comes to choosing 'who' to hire. Our job is to help you find, prioritize and engage them. You own the relationship and save on staffing premiums and contingency fees.

  • How do you charge?

    We charge a subscription fee for the software which includes unlimited jobs and users. We'll also give you a discount if you pay upfront for an annual plan.

  • Which industries do you work with?

    Team Engine is used across a wide range of industries, many of whom have hourly workers of all types. From trucking companies to manufacturing facilities to HVAC companies, our customers rely on having great people.

Team Engine has increased our flow of qualified and engaged applicants by 5x and streamlines my team's hiring.

Trevor Forbes

Trevor Forbes

President, Wyatt's Towing