How Genz-Ryan Decreased Their Interview No-Show Rate to Zero

by Dara Dolinsky in , March 17th, 2021
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When Katie, Recruiting and Training Manager for Genz-Ryan, first heard about Team Engine, she was very skeptical. Katie had been working in HR for almost ten years, and she already had her hiring process down to a T. She spent two years working with her previous software and knew how it worked best for her; she had no interest in restarting that process. 

But Genz-Ryan was facing a 50% no-show rate for phone interviews. With all of this back and forth, it took the recruiting team anywhere from 14 to 21 days to hire someone. On top of getting someone through the hiring funnel, Katie and her recruiters had to sift through thousands of resumes just to find the qualified bunch. That’s just what came with hiring for blue-collar workers. 

Or so Katie thought. 

Convinced by her colleague, Jasmine, Katie decided to take a look at Team Engine, and she was blown away. In just two days, she was fully onboarded in the system. “We looked at several other software solutions, but after seeing even a demo of Team Engine, it was clear that it was a perfect fit with our existing tech stack and wouldn’t disrupt our existing HR processes,” said Katie. 

Katie quickly posted new jobs and updated the applicant automation in the software. With the automation in place, text messages were being sent out to each person that had applied, allowing Genz-Ryan to get to each applicant first. Katie says, “Tight labor market or not, hearing from an employer within hours of applying is just super attractive. The company that is the most responsive is the one you want to work for. We compete with a lot of local HVAC companies, so the automated interest confirmation text really helps us connect with applicants first and show them we value communication and responsiveness. And that’s what they’re looking for too.” With applicant automation, Team Engine texts out interview reminders on the interview day to ensure that the applicant will show up. This simple automation helped Genz-Ryan from having a 50% no-show rate to a 0% no-show rate. That’s right; they now get every interviewee to show up. 

Using Team Engine has completely streamlined the hiring process within one system, automating many steps along the way. They’ve shrunk their time-to-hire from 14-21 days to just 7, and they have been able to quit temp agencies completely, saving over $24,000 a year. 

To learn more about the incredible employee programs Katie has been able to implement thanks to the saved time and money on hiring, read the full case study at Hire Better, Faster than Ever.

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