Ideas for Employee Retention

Employee retention is not just about keeping your skilled workers on the payroll; it's about fostering a culture of commitment, longevity & shared success.

Hire Faster & Retain Employees Longer

To win the war on talent, you need a lightning-fast hiring process and a fail-proof system for consistent communication with candidates and employees alike. Team Engine helps you attract more applicants, hire them quicker and—crucially—keep them engaged throughout their tenure.

Find and hire great people

Automate the redundant tasks in your hiring process so you can add value where it matters most.

Motivate and retain quality employees

Get new hires off to a good start with structured one-on-ones and the opportunity to give feedback on the experience.

Execute and continuously improve

Build connectedness across your company to get work done, create efficient processes, and nurture a culture of growth and development.

Capture More Business & Avoid Costly Turnover

Turnover is expensive, decreases productivity, and even leads to loss of business due to capacity. Curb those turnover costs and improve employee retention with Team Engine.

Centralized Recruiting Hub

Accelerate Time-to-Hire

More Engaged Staff

Improve Employee Communication

Inefficient Processes & Poor Communication are Degrading Your Employee Experience

Everyday we talk to companies who are wasting thousands of dollars on job boards, when they could be sourcing more broadly to find the right people; hiring more quickly to beat their competition; and onboarding new hires more effectively. With Team Engine, you can deliver a more engaging experience—beginning to end—for your most valuable company asset.

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33% of employees point to a lack of up-front communication as having the most negative impact on employee morale.

Give your workforce a direct line of communication with leadership that makes it comfortable and easy for them to ask questions. Keep your staff informed (without burdening managers) using Team Engine’s text & email automations.

1 in 3 people check their text notifications within 1 minute.

It’s a lose-lose situation when you work hard to keep your employees involved and informed, but they never see or respond to the messages. Team Engine makes it easy to reach the right people at the right time on the right channel to make sure no one ever misses an announcement again.

96% of job applicants opt in to text message communication.

Team Engine has texting built-in throughout your interactions with applicants, employees, or referrals. You don’t have to use your own cell phone and everyone on the leadership team can see the communication in one place.

Employee turnover costs between $4,00 - $6,000 per employee.

Most attrition occurs within the first 30-90 days, so it’s critical to get employees off to a good start. Team Engine’s built-in automations make personalizing every employee’s onboarding experience a breeze.

Built to Manage an On-The-Go Workforce

Whether you have an HR Department Of One handling all the functions of employees’ tenure, or you’re managing HR teams across multiple locations, or you fall somewhere between—Team Engine was built to help companies just like yours build a distributed, deskless workforce that stays for the long term.

Ideas for Employee Retention

In blue-collar industries, finding innovative ideas for employee retention has become as vital as the hammer to the carpenter, or the wrench to the mechanic. It's not just about keeping your skilled workers on the shop floor or on the construction site; it's about fostering a culture of commitment, longevity, and shared success.

As we navigate the ever-frustrating labor landscape of 2023, employers are grappling with the question of how to retain employees who are leaving. When there isn't enough money in the budget for large bonuses or raises (or even if there is), it's important to create persuasive reasons for employees to stay that go beyond the paycheck.

How to retain employees without money starts with uncovering what makes a role fulfilling and an organization feel like home. It's a delicate balance of recruitment and retention strategies that acknowledge the value of each employee, recognizing that they're the lifeblood of your operations.

Whether you're in manufacturing, landscaping, construction, or another industry with a distributed workforce, these are the challenges we have to address to ensure a strong, sustainable team.

With the stage set for employee retention in 2023, let's delve deeper into the importance of maintaining a dedicated workforce and examine the strategies that successful companies are employing to keep their best talent from walking out the door.

Why Employee Retention Is Important

Why is employee retention important, especially in the blue-collar world? Imagine a well-oiled machine, each cog seamlessly working in harmony to keep the assembly line running. This is similar to a company with stellar employee retention. Each laborer, tradesman, driver, customer service team member, and many others, are vital cogs in your operational machine. Employee retention is akin to ensuring that your machine doesn't lose a gear.

The advantages are clear — a stable, experienced workforce that knows the ropes, enhancing productivity, and fostering a sense of camaraderie. All of these leads to more revenue and the unstoppable growth of your business.

Adding to the importance of employee retention, consider the substantial cost savings associated with keeping your workforce intact. The Center for American Progress revealed that the cost of losing a single blue-collar worker earning $14 hourly is $4,569. That's an amount that could instead be invested in giving that same employee a pay raise of $2.24/hour for a year. This would improve their financial security and, consequently, their job satisfaction​.

But let's not overlook the possible disadvantages of employee retention, such as complacency and a lack of fresh ideas. Striking a balance is key, as any good employee retention report will tell you. The goal is to maintain your workforce's vitality while stimulating continuous growth and development, one dedicated employee at a time.

What Are Companies Offering To Retain Employees

In the realm of blue-collar work, companies with high employee turnover often find themselves in a frustrating game of musical chairs. On the other hand, organizations that have cracked the code of employee retention stand as shining examples, their workforce as steady as a rock amidst a turbulent labor market.

So what distinguishes companies with low retention rates from those boasting the best employee retention programs?

The secret lies in what companies are offering to retain employees:

The best retention strategies understand that a well-paid, well-trained, and well-respected employee is a happy one, and a happy employee is far more likely to stay.

So employee retention isn't just about pay hikes or extra vacation days. Rather, it's about building an environment that values employee contribution, respects their skills, and nurtures their growth. The companies with the worst employee retention tend to overlook this, focusing too much on the bottom line and not enough on the human element.

A solid foundation builds a sturdy house, and in the blue-collar world, that foundation is your workforce.

How To Improve Employee Retention And Motivation

Employee retention is an intricate symphony. And employee retention policy plays the crucial role of the conductor, harmonizing each individual's effort into a beautiful collective performance. This policy includes an employer's approach to improving employee motivation and engagement, with initiatives designed to enrich the work experience and help employees reach their full potential.

The ways to improve employee retention and motivation might be as varied as the roles in a factory, but a common thread of respect, recognition, and growth runs through them all.

This starts at the top, with leadership that sets the tone and is ready to listen. To retain your best employees, the golden rule is to invest in your best managers. Effective retention management understands the power of leadership that inspires, motivates, and values. After all, a well-guided ship is far more likely to weather the storm, and in the blue-collar world, that guiding hand is often a manager who truly cares.

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Employee Retention Examples

Employee retention examples are not always textbook cases. Sometimes it takes creative ways to retain employees, like through streamlining processes, refining communication, and centralizing responsibilities.

A prime example can be found in our case study for SunCup Juice. The challenge this beverage manufacturer faced was complex due to their multiple locations in different states. Their hiring process was all over the place, and they heavily depended on temporary staffing agencies. The direct hire process was focused on management positions, and the time between applications and callbacks was excessive. There was a clear need for an effective employee retention program, and it would need to start with a streamlined hiring process.

SunCup Juice implemented a new system with Team Engine. They identified a single point of accountability to keep the hiring process in motion, centralized job postings and applicant screening, and established a regular communication flow with plant managers for applicant selection and interview scheduling. This new approach resulted in a quicker hiring process and improved employee communications, leading to more direct hires and better retention.

SunCup Juice discovered that an effective strategy for retaining talent involves having great hiring practices and thoughtful and efficient onboarding. You can also streamline these processes and build lasting relationships from day one with Team Engine's many automated features, specifically designed to keep your employees engaged and connected from their very first interaction with your company. Learn more about how to automate your hiring process here.

If you’re committed to providing a better, more engaging employee experience, Team Engine makes it possible.