New Feature: Improve Job Descriptions with AI-Generated Suggestions

by Danielle Riha in June 5th, 2023

Team Engine users can now make instant improvements to job descriptions with AI-generated suggestions built right into the software.

How It Works

This feature is available to assist you while posting new jobs in Team Engine, as well as when updating existing jobs.

Setting Up a New Job

Using the job title and description you provide as a baseline when setting up a new job, we can now apply AI technology to instantly compare your job description against job board guidelines and industry best practices. 

Just click the purple “Suggest Improvements” box during setup to generate and review suggestions.

We then identify and present suggested improvements (which you can edit), along with an explanation of the reasoning for the suggestions. 

When you’re done reviewing and editing, click “Save” to make your changes live.

Improving an Existing Job

To get suggestions for an existing job, navigate to the job listing in the software. Click on “Job Details” in the left panel. Then, click the “Suggest Improvements” button in the top right corner of the job description. 

You’ll then have the opportunity to review and edit the suggestions before applying any changes, just like in the example above.

Why This Matters

First impressions are important, and the job description is often a candidate’s first interaction with an organization. It’s your one shot at convincing the job-seeker that you have the perfect opportunity for them, so don’t leave it up to chance. Instead, use our in-line AI-generated suggestions to leverage industry best practices and get guidance from today’s biggest job boards—all at the click of a button. 

Get Help + Share Feedback

If you’d like help learning how to use this feature, or have feedback to share on your experience using it, send an email ( to our customer support team today!

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