Automated Text-Messaging to Streamline Recruiting

by Ed Hallen in August 30th, 2018
Automated SMS job hiring

For you to win the battle for the best candidates, you need to get in touch with them quickly and get them through the interview process, in the door, and making money as quickly as possible. Hourly workers often don’t have the freedom to spend weeks without a paycheck, and the first offer delivered often wins.

We’re excited to launch the ability to automatically text message applicants based on where they are in the interview process. Automated text-messaging will save you significant time as personalized candidate outreach will happen in the background for you.

Getting Started with Automated Text-Messaging

First off, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Team Engine to get help setting up messages or to learn more about the functionality.

Automated SMS Cleaning

For every job in Team Engine, you can setup a unique set of text messages that go out automatically:

  • interview next steps when you thumbs-up a candidate and want to move forward with them
  • follow-ups to interview requests to candidates who haven’t gotten back to you
  • interview reminders that go out days and hours before a candidates going to come into the office
  • And, coming soon, requests for candidates to provide more information.

Each of these messages can be specific to a given job, but they will start with a set of defaults that we’ve seen work well.

Controlling Text Messages

interview reminders

For each job in Team Engine, you can click on the Automation tab and toggle it on and off.  To change the messages, you can contact us (or in the next couple of weeks, you’ll be able to click and change them yourself right away.

The Text Messaging Features coming next

Our initial automated text-messaging features let you put your recruiting on autopilot. Here’s what’s coming next:

  • Text messages to prompt candidates to enter more information.
  • Better tools for keeping track of which applicants have sent you a text and which ones you need to respond to.
  • Editing and text creation tools so you can add your own messages and come up with new ways to use them.

Are there other text messaging features you’re interested in? Set up an appointment to talk to a Team Engine member today.

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