New Feature Release: Automated Employee Engagement

by Paralee Walls in October 27th, 2020

Automatically engage employees at key milestones with text messaging

Staying in touch with deskless employees making deliveries, working out in the field, or round-the-clock on the production floor can be very challenging. Team Engine helps you stay connected with these employees from the central office with an HR hotline, simple text-based announcements, surveys and more.

Now, you can automate personalized communication at key points in an employee’s tenure.

Send Automatic Text Messages

Do your employees need to sign up for benefits after a certain period of time? Are they eligible for your 401k after a probation period? Do you consistently thank people and congratulate them on making it to a year with you? Instead of having to track these milestones manually and remember to get in touch with each person at the right time, let Team Engine handle it for you with a personalized, automatic text message at the right time.

Automatically Survey New Employees

Asking for feedback at the right time improves retention and demonstrates caring for the input of each individual, but setting up a process for gathering this feedback is difficult to prioritize and response rates are often low. With Team Engine’s automatic, text-based surveys, you can get this feedback with no additional effort from your staff that is already stretched.

Send Yourself Automated Reminders

Sometimes you have tasks to complete at specific employee milestones. Maybe you need to assemble a benefits packet when a probation period ends, or you want to make sure you check in with someone personally after 90 days. With employees regularly coming and going, it can be easy for these things to slip through the cracks. Team Engine can send you a reminder at these points so you don’t have to remember and track every milestone.

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