New Feature Release: Send Attachments with Text Messages

by Danielle Riha in August 31st, 2022
Send Attachments with Text Messages

We are very excited to announce that Team Engine customers and their employees can now exchange file attachments via text message!

When could this be helpful?

The sky's the limit, but here are a few ways some of our customers are already using this new feature:

  • Sending pre-hire paperwork
  • Sending images of job sites as examples or to celebrate good work
  • For asking/answering questions about pay stubs
  • Sending images of equipment or products that are hard to identify based on words alone
  • Sending images to support wayfinding e.g. to find an interview location
  • “Here’s Where to Click” screenshots in apps and software
  • Sending performance review documents
  • Sending a PDF of the company newsletter or branded memos
  • Sending graphics and signs for upcoming events
  • Sending work schedules
  • Sending PDFs with information about insurance

What type of files can be sent?

  • Images
  • PDF
  • CSV / Excel

How to attach a file in Team Engine

If you would like to add an image or a document to messages to employees, or to an announcement, you simply have to click the “Upload File” button on the top of the message editor box. This will add a clickable link to the message that the recipient can click on the download the file.

Send Attachments with Text Messages

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